Orleans Parish property transfers, June 28 – July 3, 2020

New Orleans

Transfers for June 28 to July 3

District 1

Banks St. 3918: $400,000, Marcos Antonio Guevara Calero to Fred Albert Skellie III and Karen S. Skellie.

Baronne St. 610: $2,515,192.40, L.&L. Real Estate Group LLC to 610 Baronne St. Development LLC.

Carondelet St. 339: $356,000, William Greenwood Tonsmeire to Travis James Miller.

Cleveland Ave. 4706: donation, no value stated, Scarlett Ann Roberts Giambelluca to Michael Joseph Giambelluca Jr.

Coliseum St. 1765: $239,000, Louisiana Coastal VIII LLC to Suzanne Sprague Lentz and Sydney Elizabeth Lentz.

Erato St. 4221: $267,000, Whirlwind Space AC LLC to Jaclyn D. Mason Meridy.

Julia St. 1001: $775,000, Michelle Aline Damour Podd and Steven C. Podd to Robin White McCall and Terry E. McCall.

Poeyfarre St. 920: $200,000, Most Reverand Robert J. Allmen to Dennis E. Rademaker Declaration of Trust and Trust of Dennis E. Rademaker.

S. Cortez St. 201: $175,000, Matthew K. Soraghan to C3nola Investment Group LLC.

S. Telemachus St. 300: $155,000, Charles Lee Jones, Patrick Dannell Jones and Preston James Jones to Boris Andre Bosch and Lara Dawn Kirkham Bosch.

District 2

Bourbon St. 1350: $255,500, Richard S. Wright to Nazha Abdul Hadi and Tara Rashae Abdul Hadi.

Conti St. 2308-2310: $420,000, Charles C. Cooper and Lauren B. Cooper to Ashley Ortego Becher and Fajwel Becher.

Dauphine St. 1234: $375,000, George A. Koschel to James R. Monroe Jr., James R. Monroe Novak Jr. and Todd V. Novak Monroe.

Filmore Ave. 613-615: $348,000, Gail Topham Cavett to Amanda Ruth Schroeder.

Gen. Diaz St. 6457: $515,000, Kyndel Paige Peacock McCurley to Ann Philbrick Rodrigue and Kimberly Rodrigue Philbrick.

Germain St. 956: $180,000, Bryant Paul Sylvester and Debera Sylvester Cadis to Kenneth James Taylor Sr.

Louisville St. 6068: $585,000, Jessica Renee Gautreaux Martino and Trey A. Martino to Jena B. Villere and Paul L. Villere.

N. Rampart St. 241: $500,000, 1201 Canal LLC and Krauss Company LLC to 241 North Rampart Street LLC.

N. Villere St. 929-31: $78,000, Community Improvement Agency and New Orleans Redevelopment Authority to Linda Launey.

Topaz St. 208: $430,000, Barbara Lindsay and John Storey Phillips to Andrew Sevier Nadler and Jeanne Marie Flotte Nadler.

Vicksburg St. 6964: $1,000,000, Michael Christopher Hollis to Adam Gracon and Emma Pierce Gracon.

District 3

Abundance St. 1718: $295,000, Meredith Leigh Martello Kozlowski and Stosh Alexander Kozlowski to Gary Scott Brehm, Kelsey Elizabeth Brehm, Leeann R. Brehm.

Alabama St. 7912: $11,800, Community Improvement Agency and New Orleans Redevelopment Authority to House 2 Home Renovations LLC.

Annette St. 2632-34: $185,000, Annette Properties LLC to Christopher Burnell Robinson.

Aviators St. 1566: $260,000, Tri Parish Industries Inc. to Watts Investments Group LLC.

Bright St. 4800: $85,000, Nirmal Singh to Trinity J. Leflore and Trinity Johnson Leflore.

Burgundy St. 5215: $165,000, Old Tyme Properties LLC to Brianna Maci Brown Oneill.

Charlmark Drive 4635: $22,000, Khoi Nguyen Cao and Ly Thi Nguyen Cao to Belleza Remodeling LLC.

Chartres St. 2340: $100, Wendy Wolfe Magnus to David Brian Hurlbert King and Scott Robert King Hurlbert.

Chatham Drive 5362: $402,500, Anton Leblanc Hasenkampf and Jenna Catherine P. Hasenkampf to Leah Krandel Harman and Robert Harman.

Chef Menteur Highway 22514: $450,000, Cheryl Dube Timphony and Paul S. Timphony to Howard Patton, Kevin Patton and Rachel Frierson Patton.

Chef Menteur Highway 25637: $295,000, Jamie Lynn Woolverton McCoy and Leroy Woolverton to Olaa Lidia Cardenas.

Clermont Drive 3540: $95,000, John Denzel Washington, Jovan Washington and Joycelyn Washington Burse to 3540 Clermont Drive LLC.

Clouet St. 2435: $8,000, Wildstar LLC to Mary E. Johnson.

Coronado Drive 5001: $132,000, Christina C. Armstrong to Iriona Lucas.

Crodwder Blvd. 4612: $145,000, Shirley A. Valcour to Cody Morgan Sutherland and David Sutherland.

Crestmont Road 7531: $141,500, Estate of Lois Carlos Lawrence, Nicole Lawrence Ferrier and Stephanie Lawrence Berry to Baron R. St. Junior.

Dauphine St. 3920: $225,000, Avis Franklin Metoyer, Darrell Franklin, Kenneth Franklin and Terrence Jay Franklin to Romain Beauxis Aussalet.

Davey St. 4000: donation, no value stated, Rebecca L. Noack Folse to Noack Revocable Trust and Rebecca Louise Noack.

Demontluzin St. 4472: $285,000, Rac Properties LLC to Rachel Field Kravets Fayette.

Dreux Ave. 10810: $21,500, Harold A. Prattini Jr. to Luis B. Reyes Flores.

Diana St. 510-512: $325,000, Bargeboard LLC to Shelby Campbell Fox and Zachary M. Fox.

Duels St. 1733-1735: $347,500, Rigoberto Chicos Delcid to Alexander Russell Smith.

E. Muirfield Circle 6100: $26,000, Planting Seeds LLC to Denise Roubion Johnson.

E. Renaissance Court 7201: donation, no value stated, Ralph Stanley Jones to Nisha Lashowna Parker.

Elysian Fields Ave. 5808: $68,000, Steve Renato Palacios to Fig Boss Inc.

Elysian Fields Ave. 5825: $315,000, Lyle J. Greco to Devin Jones and Lametra Miller Jones.

Esplanade Ave. 1251: $890,000, Betty J. Badon Utley to John Craig Cornett.

Gardena Drive 1510: $470,000, Megan Catherine Hintz Trapani and Samuel Joseph Trapani to Michael R. Allweiss, Samuel Allweiss and Stephanie Band Allweiss.

Gawain Drive 4858: $9,500, Community Improvement Agency and New Orleans Redevelopment Authority to Synethia Sells Hunter and Terrell C. Hunter.

Harrow Road 10911: $75,000, Natasha Nicole Holmes Montgomery and Warren Christopher Holmes to Secured Investments LLC.

Hickman Ave. 7357: $173,500, Diversified Real Estate Acquisitions & Management LLC to Tanyelle Angelique Oatis Gaskew.

Lafaye St. 5707: $185,000, Deborah Rosales Batista and Rodolfo Batista to Landon Eryk Tillery.

Madrid St. 1357: $310,000, Gerrod G. Galliano and Lauren Rae Booksh Galliano to T. G Mount and Tanya Gunther Mount.

Madrid St. 2453-55: $345,000, Ag Too LLC to David W. Wilkinson.

Mandeville St. 2024-2026: $5,000, Ronald Peter Candiff to Clouds Landscaping LLC.

Mazant St. 1204-1206: $77,107, Charles Irvin Sr. to Omni Realty LLC.

Mcfarland St. 4023: $38,000, Curtis Lafrance Jr. to Penny Bijou.

Mercier St. 7608: donation, no value stated, Rose Dumas to Keisa Toussaint.

Mithra St. 1521: $365,000, Joshua Paul Mathews and Kimberly Ross Mathews to Monica Emerson Cammack Kairdolf and Ryan Kairdolf.

Music St. 5143: $455,000, Turn Our Lights On LLC to Jamieka Greer.

N. Claiborne Ave. 5707: $65,000, Dirk Frank McGill to Anointed C. & C. Kingdom Builders LLC.

N. Dorgenois St. 2839: $213,000, David Anthony Bailey, Demond Rayshawn Stewart and Ralaiya Hall Bailey to Emily Elizabeth Stieber and Richard Dean Beu.

N. Prieur St. 1434: $241,000, Julie Kreuger Skjolaas to Derek Kevin Hett.

N. Prieur St. 1469: $346,500, Curry Wyckoff Smith to Jeffrey Braverman and Ross Camp.

N. Rampart St. 2228-2230: $445,000, James S. McDonald Testamentary Trust and Paul S. McDonald to Rene J. Brunet III and William R. Nunnery.

N. Robertson St. 1022-24: $275,000, Allison Varnado Joseph and Dionne Denise Varnado Davis to 1024 N. Robertson LLC.

N. Rocheblave Ave. 2637: donation, no value stated, Presmoore Estates Group LLC to Eldridge Moore and Elridge Moore.

N. Villere St. 3419: donation, no value stated, Rachel Randolph Marks Webster to Matthew Scott Webster.

New Orleans St. 3112: $149,000, Laurie M. Hilliard to Masielle Rental LLC.

Paris Ave. 5711: $279,900, Khang Nguyen to Emmanuel James Detiege and Maya Clark Detiege.

Pratt Drive 1731: $50,000, Jeanine Pitts Dilworth and John H. Pitts to Thirty Four Acres Holdings LLC.

Prentiss Ave. 1414: $525,000, John S. Pippenger and Linda Krass Pippenger to Brett Young, Jaime Ward Young and Jaime Young.

Prentiss Ave. 4410: $210,000, Tyesha N. Davis Guidry Rhodes to Gregory D. Malone, Jamie R. Adams Malone.

Reynes St. 1627: $153,000, Marion Mitchell Robinson to Arnulfo Rivera Jr.

Rosary Drive 1924: $299,000, Prabhat Jain and Replica3d LLC 401k Profit Sharing Plan to Marcos Travella Vaudagna and Sydney Leigh Barbier Vaudagna.

Rousselin Drive 1657: $265,000, Allison E. Eis to Jessica Ann Fisch McQueeney and Kevin G. McQueeney.

Royal St. 3112-14: $394,000, Iconography LLC to Brooke Evans Beesley.

Sere St. 1355: donation, no value stated, Edward Oquin Jr., Gladys Williams and Margaret Smith to Raymond Oquin.

Star St. 7860: $74,500, Chandra C. Rowan Adams to Jenell Norals.

Tupelo St. 1223: $17,500, Shirley Byrd Clayton to Nola Housing Group LLC.

Veronese St. 4586: $320,000, John Edward Lomasney to Veronese Group LLC.

District 4

Annunciation St. 3223: $328,000, Henry Clayton Worley and Leslie Rene Manuel Worley to Victoria Dale Rege.

Felicity St. 2401-03: $14,000, Roland Seymore to 2401 Felicity Partners LLC.

S. Saratoga St. 2014: donation, no value stated, Joyce Smith Livers to Leon Dupclay Jr.

St. Charles Ave. 2111: $100, Lisa S. Lazzaro Ward and Robert A. Ward to Kevin Jay Jones.

Terpsichore St. 1827-1829: $100, Stephanie Leah Carton and Thomas William Carton to Terpsichore 1 Owners LLC.

District 5

Abalon Court 338: $340,000, Christopher A. Nobles and Jessica Len Nobles to Andres Efrain Krawiec and Noelle Christine Krawiec.

Atlantic Ave. 831: $272,000, Atlantic Avenue Project LLC to Naana Naima Frezel.

Beck St. 2135: $195,000, Gerald A. Henry Sr. and Patricia Patterson Henry to Eric E. Riddle and Jennifer E. Zimmerman Riddle.

Couret Place 165: $45,000, Gayle Loetzerich Alfortish and Kenneth Edward Alfortish to Kimberly L. Andres MacKlin.

Danny Drive 194: $200,000, Joshua James Pretti and Matthew Wayne Vieira to Kijafa Sade Brown.

DeBattista Place 1508: $273,000, Dawn Moore Collins and Ernest L. Collins to Bernhardt A. Gamad and Mary Jane D. Gamad.

Dickens Drive 3530: donation, no value stated, Eddie Dave Williams III to Exavier Williams.

Easter Lane 2312: $249,900, Michelle Wilson Grosch and Todd Anthony Grosch to Michelle Leigh Awad and Thomas A. Keller.

English Turn Drive 10: $485,000, Alan J. Bowers to Karen Grace Lo Kleykamp, Karen Grace Lo Shook and Paul Ray Kleykamp III.

Hendee St. 635: $179,000, Devyn Gisselle Street Cheadle to Abigail Eileen Jennings.

Lang St. 713: $100,000, Gordon B. Cordes and Pearl T. Cordes to Amanda Maher Mack and Sebastian Mack.

Neil Ave. 211: $120,000, Stephen Charles Villere to Marc A. Villere.

Odeon Ave. 1101-1119: $360,000, Ezra Charles Jones to Hi Tech Services LLC.

Park Timbers Drive 29: $258,000, 488 Holdings LLC to Stephanie R. Leon.

Park Timbers Drive 40: $269,000, Brian Drew Perry Jr. and Nicole Dupont Perry to Bradley W. Todd and Wendy L. Gill Todd.

Pinewood Court 97: donation, no value stated, Dilia Martinez Pena and Jose Rafael Pena to Geuris Espinosa Jaspes and Hellen Pena Espinosa Jaspes.

Rue Nicole 3600: $235,000, Ronald Allison Marvin and Vickie Ann Methe Marvin to Donald Thomas Blackmon and Sharon Kelley Blackmon.

Socrates St. 328-330: $60,000, Thommie E. Favors to 3 Amigos Real Estate Inc.

Timber Crest Drive 5225: donation, no value stated, Christopher D. Oconner to and Maria Villavicencio Oconner.

Tullis Drive 9996: $32,500, Vo Properties LLC to Nola Housing Group LLC.

Valentine Court 2231: $155,000, William M. Leach to Paulette Duncan Miller.

Vespasian St. 3411; Vespasian St. 3446; Westpark Court 30: $129,000, Cho Van Nguyen, Minhcho Van Nguyen, Nhu Oanh Thi Nguyen and Nhuoanh Thi Nguyen to Diem Nguyen Hoang.

Yellowstone Drive 9: $258,000, Arsenia Inez Stacey Williams Marcel to Cheryl Herring Brown and Lynn Herring James.

District 6

Austerlitz St. 605-07: $260,000, Randolph N. Reese to Guillermo Tejeda and Laura Marie Dalla Betta.

Baronne St. 4219: $1,495,000, Mary L. Arnold Jain and Prabhat Jain to Megan Cox and William C. Cox IV.

Coliseum St. 5213: donation, no value stated, Cecily S. Fogarty Bell to Brian Baehr Bell.

Freret St. 6028-30: $845,000, Sisters of Mercy of The Americas South Central Community Inc. and Sisters of Mercy of The Union In The United States of America Province of St Louis to Howard B. Heidenberg and Sandra B. Goodman Heidenberg.

Foucher St. 730-732: $300,000, Gloria Francis Badon and Lisa Jones Warren to Courtney Crowell.

Garfield St. 7470-72: $432,000, Mbr Real Estate Holdings LLC to Green Mint Holdings LLC.

Hurst St. 7307: $365,000, Paul E. Voorhies III to Henry Fitzhugh and Poppy Markwell Fitzhugh.

Milan St. 715: $649,900, Crescent City Developers LLC to Thomas Ryan Prewitt Jr. and Virginia Ellen Morris Prewitt.

Napoleon Ave. 3600-06; S. Miro St. 4411: $825,000, Molly Christa Pastermack and Nicholas Allan Pastermack to American Zen Association.

Napoleon Ave. 706-706 1/2: $499,000, Rachel Field Kravets to Ann Hijuelos and Jason Hijuelos.

Robert St. 3508-10: $310,000, Anthony Stovall and Josie McMurry Stovall to Opm Real Estate Investments LLC.

S. Liberty St. 4413; S. Liberty St. 4415; S. Liberty St. 4421: $160,000, Anne Miller Pauker Kreitzberg, Carolyn Samantha Pauker Roach and Charles Barry Kreitzberg to Sherry St. Martin Sanborn.

S. Roman St. 4219-4221: $414,000, C. & F. Investment Group LLC to Adrian Ford and Reginald Ford.

St. Charles Ave. 4419: $395,000, Jack R. Allen Jr. and Mary Ford Allen to Timothy T. Mink.

State St. Drive 3105-07: $432,000, Oscar Z. Levy Jr. to 3107 State Street Drive LLC.

State St. Drive 3124: $400,525, Helen Judith Calvin, Jonathon Noble Pendergrass and Lauren Jane Mosa to Kiley P. Martin Alvarez and Oscar Armand Alvarez Martin.

State St. Drive 3319: $433,000, Anne Thrasher Lloyd and Matthew J. Lloyd to Henry C. Worley and Leslie R. Manuel Worley.

State St. Drive 3375: $420,000, Carrie Binder Marks and Joseph Brint Marks to Christine Schutte and Daniel Hurtado.

Tchoupitoulas St. 3667-69: $175,000, Amir Ali, Charlie Haynes III, Christopher Haynes, Darell Haynes, Dianne Haynes Bowen, Dominique G. Donaldson Hyppolite and Georgia Haynes to Fortuna Land Holdings LLC.

Versailles Blvd. 57: $775,000, Christine Widdows Jordan to Christopher A. Damour.

Vincennes Place 4018: $665,000, Hilary Showers Gold and Jonathan Nagel Gold to Carrie Binder Marks and Joseph B. Marks.

District 7

Bellaire Drive 348: $839,000, Janice Feldman Ramee and Stephen R. Ramee to David Coleman Raphael Jr., Diana Rubio Moody and Diana Rubio Raphael.

Dante St. 2023: $310,500, Jason Samuel Strada to Amelia Yates.

Dante St. 2517-2519: $205,000, Don Maffettone to Angeni Agrawal Jayawickramarajah and Narendren Jayawickramarajah.

Dublin St. 1538: $403,000, Emily Louise Slaughter Carver and Marshall Hampton Vi Carver to Zachary Allen Porter.

Fleur De Lis Drive 6605: $455,000, Ryan Michael Meyer and Sarah Rogers Meyer to Caroline McKenna Jacobs and Edwin August Friedrich Ellinghausen IV.

Gen. Ogden St. 4137: $182,000, Douglas Bernard White to David Rockafellow.

Green St. 8920: $50,000, Brian Howard McMillan to Avant Garde LLC.

Holly Grove St. 403-35: donation, no value stated, Brenda Gray Lackings to Niquelle Patrice Lackings.

Millaudon St. 338: $720,000, Elizabeth Pratt Kennedy to Molly Rachel Horton and Ronald James Evans Jr.

Spencer Ave. 200: $320,000, Joann Seacry Boissiere and Kenneth P. Boissiere Sr. to Christie Boissiere Obrien and Dennis Obrien.

Spruce St. 8515: $50,000, Brian H. McMillan to Avant Garde LLC.

Stafford Place 243: $100, Nancy Goodman Moragas and Nancy Goodman Welp to Lakegal Properties LLC.

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