Tropical mix: guide to exotic fruit
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Balls - cold appetizers
Balls and balloons are the most loyal companions of our childhood: they are associated with the joyous time when every day was holiday. Cheese, cottage cheese, meat, vegetables, fish for…

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Exotic countries and not only Archive What to try in China?

What to try in China?

Cuisine of China – a special part of the culture of the state, which, undoubtedly, will be appreciated by the lovers of cooking. The national dish of China excite its originality, great taste, variety and unconventional design.

Chinese culinary history combines a variety of dishes typical for different regions of China, sometimes located in very different climatic conditions. The climate determines and culinary traditions, and a set of products that provides a variety choice of food. Almost all provinces offer their own unique delights, but conventionally China easier be divided into four major culinary regions: Beijing, Sichuan, Shanghai and Canton.

We present some of the most popular dishes that can be enjoyed in this amazing country:

Pork in sweet and sour sauce

Perhaps this dish is supposed to lead the list of the most famous dishes of China. It perfectly combines sour and sweet, and because before that dish well, no way to resist. Piquant taste of the dish gets its original, rich components of the sauce. Continue reading

Original salads on the holiday table

When approaching formal event, every woman begins to think, than to surprise your dear guests and what to put on the table. In addition to the main hot dishes it is necessary to pay attention to cooking for my Birthday. Their main peculiarity lies in meticulous preparation. On a festive table is prepared from simple and available ingredients, from exotic fruits, which combine with meat and seafood.

Some Housewives cook on a festive table dishes on their favorite recipes, and they are decorated beautifully. So, everyone’s favorite Greek salad for festive options are also slightly changed from the traditional one. For example, instead of the usual tomato use miniature tomato cherry. They can be put just as a whole, but can be cut in half.

Festive version of the Greek salad

Ingredients for 4 people:

150 g of lettuce,


half an onion, Continue reading

History: the Most beautiful dishes of the world

In our time the little chefs to prepare delicious and mouthwatering meals, you need to make them beautiful. Only the most unusual and original works of culinary art can become popular, so the chefs have to be artists and designers, to please gourmets and lovers of quality and beautiful food. Invented new ways of processing products, interesting techniques supply of food, unusual combinations of different flavors, and most importantly, great attention is paid to the appearance of the dish. Some of the masterpieces in the finest restaurants become popular all over the world.

The chef of one of Chicago restaurants prepares a delicious dish from the inner stem of the palm tree, which he named “Heart of palm”. It uses the stem of the acai palm, which is stuffed with various fillings, for example, an exquisite puree of truffles, vanilla pudding and other options. Just prepared five different pieces of stem, which are beautifully placed on five white elegant pedestals.

Salad “Gargoyle” – the invention of the famous French chef Michel Bras, is known for interesting experiments. This salad can include up to sixty different ingredients, including vegetables, seeds, leaves and even flowers. Each individual product is prepared in a special way. The composition of the salad varies, depending on the imagination of the author, and each time is a new masterpiece. It would seem like salamone to be the most beautiful dish? But Michelle manages Sconces with ingredients of different colors to create a truly delightful composition. Continue reading

10 most exotic dishes of Japanese cuisine
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