Dangerous exotic food, exotic dish
Going on vacation to exotic destinations, we strive to try local cuisine, unusual dishes and overseas products. It is important to remember that even quite edible dishes of local origin…

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Dominican Republic
Traditional dishes of the Dominican Republic are: thick soup "Asopao" with rice, meat and vegetables; mouth-watering stew "Bandera" from beans, meat, rice and fried bananas; meat with vegetables "Pastele N.…

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About crickets, caterpillars, ants, larvae, bees, bedbugs, Scorpions, tarantulas and grasshoppers, was not considered necessary to describe in detail, can only hold nasty statistics:

It is estimated that over the lifetime of an individual, regardless of his desire eats about 500 grams of insects. For example, with bread. This flour beetles, mealworms, which can sometimes be found in a piece of bread in the form of a solid dark pieces. Processed worms are sure to be in jams and preserves, tomato paste or ketchup… In 100 g of dried insects contains from 37 to 60 g of protein and 4 to 33 g of fat. For comparison, in 100 g. beef contains only 27,4 g protein. The content of calcium and phosphorus in insects is similar to duck eggs.

Well and now actually, the dishes.


Earlier in Paraguay meat rats ate mostly in small villages, but now this fashion has spread across the country. The truth is rats now often replace Guinea pigs, claiming that their meat is not inferior to its healthy properties, and taste even sweeter. Fried, stewed, stuffed, dried – Paraguayans can cook rodents-vermin of any kind. Best of all newborn pups, which prepare and swallow whole with a large glass of milk. The taste resembles a rat roast duck. Paraguayans believe that the meat of rats is very rich in protein,moreover, it is not greasy, and it supposedly improves the complexion.

Monkey brains

In the best restaurants of Hong Kong sophisticated dessert is the brain of the monkey. Honestly, the dish is not for the faint of heart. After many preparations not everyone will be able to decide to try such Exotica. Before you can be on your table, the dish (if you can call a live monkey) must undergo a complex process of preparation. The fact is that traditionally, the brain is fed straight into the head of a live monkey. For the primacy of the hold, landing under the table with a hole for the head, hair on head shave, and then punch the skull with a small hammer and chisel. After the upper part of the skull is removed, brains eaten with a tea spoon. And most importantly: the meal should be completed before the death of the animal, because the brain begins to rapidly decompose! Fortunately, modern chefs (apparently under the pressure of societies of protection of animals) came up with the recipe for this “dessert” which does not have to resort to such unthinkable barbarity. The taste of this dish is reminiscent of cold rice pudding. If not for a large amount of cholesterol, the brain of a monkey could be a diet dish.


On the streets of Vietnam you can find a lot of exotic dishes. The beating heart of a Cobra, soup from armadillos or the chicken hearts, marinated in pig’s blood. All of these delights offer the best and most expensive restaurants. The apotheosis of the exotic and incredibly expensive meal are meals from bats. The restaurants caught animals kept in a cage, and give the client the right to choose. Vending mouse taken picky to consider it stretching the wings. After that, one lightning strike, the cook cut off her head. The blood from the wound you leave in a glass and consumed. Meat bats taste akin to beef in curry sauce, but more rigid. The Vietnamese believe that the blood and meat of the bat reinforces male power.

A live octopus

In Korea, a great delicacy is octopus. To see and choose it in large aquariums, which are usually located at the entrance to the restaurant. Love it and older men, and young girls. Right there the octopus with the head, then he will strangle you with its tentacles. But it is for thrill-seekers, but usually the octopus is cut into small pieces, about 1-2 cm and is served with kimchi (Korean cult dish – marinated in a special way cabbage). The pieces of tentacles wrapped in kimchi and eat. It tastes like overcooked calamari. That is hard. Absolutely no fat.


It is the eggs of giant black ants liometopum who live in ahavah. To collect these eggs pretty damn dangerous work, because the ants are poisonous and do not like people. The consistency of the eggs just about like cottage cheese. Usually eat them in tacos with guacamole. They taste pretty good, so buying in Mexico something from the national cuisine, you may not notice that ate the ant eggs.

Casu Marzu

It’s sheep cheese, cheese infected flies. The result: the rotting stink bomb, moth larvae. Translucent larvae are able to jump, so you need to protect your eyes. Taste burns language, derived from cheese smelly liquid called lagrima – tears, and the larvae are not digested and can begin to multiply, causing vomiting and bloody diarrhea. Cheese is a delicacy in Sardinia, but its production is illegal. Yeah, exactly where someone is ready to eat it – it is banned. I.e. in other places – not.

It’s cod soaked in an alkaline solution to such an extent that the fillets could corrode silverware. Generally, the alkali is applied for pipe cleaning, weeding, burning the horns of a cow, and so on, but some argue that lutefisk edible.

This traditional health drink in China and Korea, the taste of it, say, kerosene. Little pups, still blind, are in the bottles of rice wine. Touching.

The most expensive dishes of the world
In this collection you will learn about the most expensive dishes in the world . Some of the following treats even the rich and celebrities can not afford. 1. Dumplings.…

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