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Dominican Republic

Traditional dishes of the Dominican Republic are:

thick soup “Asopao” with rice, meat and vegetables;

mouth-watering stew “Bandera” from beans, meat, rice and fried bananas;

meat with vegetables “Pastele N. AHAs” baked in banana leaves;

roast pork called “puerco-EN-Puja”;

the world-famous stew “sancocho” of meat and vegetables; pork, fried bananas on the grill; chicken with vegetables and spices;

scar “Mofongo”,

and one of the most exotic dishes of the cuisine of the Dominican Republic – the whole carcass of a pig stewed in the pit.

The side dish in the cuisine of Dominican Republic is not inferior to the basic food types: beans and red rice with different spices; mashed bananas with onions; fried slices of bananas “tostones”, as well as a variety of salads, vegetables and exotic fruits are served on flatbread “Kasab” from cassava, which are an integral part of any meal in the Dominican kitchen.

Dominican cuisine is unthinkable without fish and seafood. The fish are boiled, fried, baked on the grill, sprinkle with coconut chips, pour various sauces and stewed in coconut milk. “Marisco”, or seafood, also process different ways. Especially popular are the crabs “engrenages” in the sauce.

Of course, on the table there are a variety of tropical fruits:coconuts, bananas, oranges, guava, PSN, mango, lime, starfruit and other exotic cuisine Dominican Respublikasida. They are eaten not only raw, but also in the form of smoothies, juices and sugary sauces.

The country is famous for its coffee. The most popular and the most tasty variety is “Santo Domingo”. The locals cook it just perfectly, so every self-respecting Dominican would complete the meal exactly aromatic Cup of coffee. It is the same traditional drink, like beer in the Czech Republic or wine in France. Another national treasure is rum, which is drunk with ice, in net terms, with a slice of zest (local lemon) or added to a cocktail (“Daiquiri”, “Pinacolada”, “Cuba Libre” etc.). In the Dominican Republic make more than a dozen kinds of rum. Barcelo, Bermudez Brugal and even exported to USA and Europe.

Dominican cuisine is so unique that it is impossible to prepare at home, as the culinary traditions are passed only from mouth to mouth, from mother to daughter, from father to son. Even if you recognize all components of Dominican cuisine, to bring them into your kitchen and cook, say, pork with spices, it will not work as it is cooked on the island by local residents. This is one of the reasons to travel to Dominican Republic and enjoy the week or two from household chores, the hustle and daily routine, as well as to try delicious, unusual and unique cuisine of the Dominican Republic. The capital is simply mesmerizing, especially at night. So after sitting with friends in a local café can safely take a cab and go all over town in search of adventure.

Thanks to strong family ties and loyalty to the traditions, recipes of the Indians, the first inhabitants of this island, survived to the present day. Vivid examples of this are in the cuisine of the Dominican Republic the pellet Kasab. His influence in the kitchen was also provided by Spanish explorers and African slaves brought to the island. The fusion of these cultures has created a unique Dominican cuisine, which is not only original, but also very tasty and healthy. Indigenous people do not change national cuisine of the Dominican Republic at some overseas delicacies.

The new year is here waiting for not only adults but also children, since then, on the table there a particular cuisine of the Dominican Republic: the goat braised in red wine with garlic, onion and herbs (Civaa La Diablo) and pork baked with vegetables. As a side dish to meat dishes are served white rice and root vegetables. Do not pass by the Dominicans and the marine part of the gala dinner. What stands in the kitchen of the Dominican Republic Lambi (local seafood) in original sauce, the recipe of which is kept by the chefs in the strictest confidence. As a dessert served milk porridge with fruit, coconut jam, banana mashed potatoes and simply fresh fruit in large quantities.

The most popular fruit in the Dominican Republic is a banana. It not only fried, but also stewed, baked, boiled and harvested for desserts. In the food consumed only the special variety that is not eaten raw. With bananas cooked national dishes of the Dominican Republic: mofongo banana puree with a base of meat stock; manga – slices of banana, stewed with onions, bacon and cheese and pastelon de platanos banana pie with minced meat.

Special note the first Dominican cuisine, which is not less than the original. You should definitely try the thick soup of Sancocho, which is prepared from a mixture of vegetable and 7 kinds of meat; bean soup and Aviculariidae soup with rice and seafood, Asopao de Mariscos.

About the drinks already mentioned, but apart from coffee and rum, the island is also famous for its cocktails. For example, the cocktail “Coco Loko” and “Banana Mama” originating from here. As the grapes on the territory of the Dominican Republic simply does not grow, wine is imported from Chile and European countries. Men very popular beer. It is served not only in bars but also in restaurants, as it is famous for its excellent quality. Local brand – “Bohemia”, “Senise”, “Quisqueya” and “President”.

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