Exotic dishes that you will hardly decide to try it
About exotic cuisine, which dares to try not everyone is a foodie, we have already mentioned. Looks like it's time to complement this list. Moreover, if the last time fried…

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Original salads on the holiday table
When approaching formal event, every woman begins to think, than to surprise your dear guests and what to put on the table. In addition to the main hot dishes it…

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The strangest meals of the world

Each country has traditional food in England is fish and chips, Spanish paella, Italy is lasagna. However, in some countries, people indulge in much more unusual delicacies. Take a look at the list of the strangest foods in the world.


This national Scottish dish made from lamb offal – liver, heart and lungs. Offal is mixed with chopped onion, lard, salt and spices and boiled in a sheep’s stomach on slow fire for about three hours. Modern Haggis, however, is prepared in a sausage casing, and not this stomach.

The penis of a Yak

Chinese delicacy also known as “Dragon in the flame of desire”. It, for example, you can try the restaurant “Guolizhuang” in Beijing, which is famous for dishes from other animal penises and testicles. It is considered, what exactly this dish is very good impact on the skin. Well…

Sandwich with brains

In General, it’s a regular sandwich with thinly sliced pieces of fried veal brains. Long before the era of mad cow disease, a similar sandwich was more than a popular dish in St. Louis, Missouri, USA, although the sandwich that still can be enjoyed in restaurants in the Ohio valley. However, the brain – not an uncommon ingredient in cooking. In El Salvador and the brains Mexikanemi lovingly called “sesos” and add them to tacos and burritos. With the United States is allowed to consume the brains of cattle older than 30 months. But most often today used pork brains, again, because of the danger of mad cow disease.


This is a Japanese dish that is prepared from some species of venomous fish of the family Blowfish, contain the poison tetrodotoxin. Tetrodotoxin is deadly, so only specially trained chefs, who undergo two to three years of training and pass the official test, may be allowed to prepare this dish. Perhaps the fuss about the “terrible fish” is far more interesting than the actual taste of the deadly fish. However, some cooks prefer to leave a small amount of poison in the fish to cause a guest of the restaurant a tingling sensation on the tongue and lips. Maybe this was the reason that 2004 and 2007 15 people died, poisoned fugu, and more than 115 people were hospitalized. Interestingly, in the past, in Japan there was a tradition according to which in case of poisoning by the puffer fish and the chef who prepared the delicacy was to eat (or to commit suicide).


Sannakji or sannakji the Hwa – Korean cuisine, which is made from a live small octopus. Cut them in small pieces and served immediately on the table, usually lightly seasoned with sesame and sesame oil. That is, the tentacles continue to squirm on the plate when serving, and, if not chewed carefully, the tiny suction cups can stick to the mouth and throat. A dish for the faint of heart!


One of the most popular dishes in South-East Asia, particularly the Philippines, looks very unattractive. In fact, it is a boiled duck egg, which has already formed fetus with feathers, beak and cartilage. It is believed that the dish should only have a male as the egg is an exceptional way affects the potency. The taste of balut reminiscent of boiled beef liver, and drink it: drink amniotic fluid, and balut are eaten with pepper and salt, sometimes with Basil leaves.

Fried spiders

Fried spiders are a regional delicacy in Cambodia. It is possible to try, for example, in the city of Skuon – thanks to this dainty town, and fame, and sometimes referred to as “Spiderville” (“City of spiders”). Used species of tarantulas the size of a human hand, only eat the foot.

Rocky Mountain Oysters

Literally in English, the name of the dish translates as “Rocky mountain oysters”. However, it is not oysters, but nothing like bovine, porcine or Ovine testes. The bodies are fried in deep fat, dusted in flour, with pepper and salt. Cowboy is a dish most often served as a snack with sauce during festivals, as well as in pastoral families, and in certain themed bars.

Eyeballs tuna

This strange dish is eaten in China and Japan. The popularity of the eyeballs of tuna due to the ease of preparation and impressive size. The eyes are served fried with garlic and soy sauce, and tastes a bit like squid.

Chicken krasici

Chicken cartilage is undoubtedly one of the most strange ingredients, but it can be found in the menu some bars in Japan in the section of snacks. Fried krasici is very “chewable” meal, and sometimes you have to try hard to finally shatter the piece.

KAFU Marco

This type of cheese produced in Sardinia, and in translation its name means “rotten cheese”. Try to hold back: the cheese is adjusted to a state of putrefaction, caused by the digestive activity of larvae – they speed up the decomposition process, and the cheese becomes soft. But it is not necessary to remove the maggots from the cheese, although these worms are able to jump a distance of up to 15 inches – protect your eyes! Sale of cheese was banned for many years, and it was only available on the black market. However, a few years ago, the cheese was declared a traditional food and now it lawfully produced and sold everywhere on the island.

Top 10 most delicious desserts in the world
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