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The most expensive ham in the world

For four years I dreamed of you, and eat you now.

In South West Spain in an area called Extremadura pigs producing the best quality and the most expensive ham in the world, the Iberian.

Pigs are grown on small private farms in natural conditions, turning the chicken tamanoyu may say “Free Range” pigs.

Pigs gain weight quickly, and already after the first year of each pig costs about $ 200. Over the next year, their weight will be doubled, and the cost three times.

Not a small part of the Spanish peasants in Extremadura survive by breeding pigs. A pig is an animal which gives much to humans. But times are changing. In previous years Spanish farmer earned on breeding pigs up to 30 thousand dollars a year and it was good money for this area, as life here is not expensive. In recent times the earnings dropped more than twice. Companies purchasing pigs drastically reduced the purchase price.

Extremadura on one of the last places on the level of income among cities in Spain and Western Europe. Today, because of the decline in production in Spain, the risk to remain without work farmers are higher than ever.

Important in the production of Iberijsky ham is ham how much time disappears in a different pomewenija different temperatures. High-quality ham will go on sale only four years, but will be able to try their very large group of buyers, as this ham will be very, very expensive.

Three thousand dollars for a pork leg, which is several times more than the farmer receives for the month and almost three times the minimum wage in Spain.

However, the majority of Spanish farmers have no idea how much what they grow.

Three thousand dollars for one piece? this price is for the farmer does not fit in the mind.

We managed to find iberijsky ham in the heart of London on Oxford street in Selfridges Department store. One pork leg, weighing about 7 pounds 1800 pounds worth here. (028 155 rubles). The product is accompanied by a DNA certificate confirming the authenticity iberijsky ham.

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