Dangerous exotic food, exotic dish
Going on vacation to exotic destinations, we strive to try local cuisine, unusual dishes and overseas products. It is important to remember that even quite edible dishes of local origin…

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10 most delicious Thai dishes
1. The first in the top ten most delicious Thai dishes is Tom Yam soup Goong. This is a spicy soup with shrimp and chili paste, lemongrass, alangaram, lime and…

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Meatless meals – recipes for every day

That comes to an end Carnival, and then ahead of lent. In order to survive with honor all the tests coming in the next seven weeks you should research carefully. A great resource that helps to adequately hold the post, will be carefully thought-out menu, which includes meatless meals .

For successful outcome of the case, important not only a moral commitment, to endure deprivation and dietary restrictions, but also pragmatic prudence. Because the post involves a different food system, sharply different from that to which you are accustomed. Therefore, the most difficult both psychological and physical terms will be the first days. To alleviate the situation offer you to think of your diet in the post menu for the first week will help you to smoothly adjust to the new way.

Recipes meatless dishes for every day

Options for Breakfast in the post

As morning meal will suit a variety of cereals. They can be as sweet, including honey and dried fruit, and salt, for example, buckwheat with mushrooms.

Here are a few options:

Oatmeal on the water with banana and honey

Rice porridge with Apple

Millet porridge with pumpkin

You can treat sababushi pancakes made with pumpkin or carrots.

Excellent Breakfast, hearty and easy will be the food made of fried mushrooms and vegetables .

Soups in vegetarian menu

In the dining meal traditionally eaten soup. It should be noted that the first recipe of any dish can be adapted for lent (with the exception of meat Solyanka). When preparing a vegetarian menu, do not forget about vegetable soups.

Lent is not a reason to indulge in your favorite soup or soup. These soups can be cooked not only on rich meat broth, but flavorful vegetable broth. Try to cook vegetable soup. in our recipe and you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Diet vegetable broth makes this soup extraordinary, so don’t be lazy and take 40 minutes to cook this broth (by the way, it can be boiled and concentrated to numerosity for future use).

To diversify Lenten menu soups with cereals. Preparing the first meatless meals — recipes for every day search is not necessary, many of them they cook very quickly and according to the same scheme. In boiling water or boiling vegetable broth lay potatoes and cereals (buckwheat, rice), make zazharku and add to the soup for 5 minutes until tender. If you want to cook soup with barley or lentils, they need to be boiled beforehand, and when cooking bean soup from canned beans, beans to put in the pot at the end of cooking, along with the sautéed vegetables. The main ingredient of a roast – onions and carrots, but you can play with the taste by adding other ingredients. Stalk celery, tomatoes, peppers help you to enhance the taste of dishes, getting each time a unique soup. And notice – there is a chance never to be repeated in a few weeks.

Meatless meals for dinner

What can replace meat in the post

During Lent limit the consumption of animal products. Banned is not only meat, but also eggs, butter, milk, cheese, cottage cheese. Absolutely replace the products no, but you can try to find a way out of such a difficult situation. Alternative meat and milk can be soy products. In any supermarket you can find dry soy meat, cottage cheese and cheese perfect replacement for a well-known tofu. But if a little try, you can buy and soy milk.

Fish and Great post

Separately want to say about the fish. At observance of strict fasting, there is a ban on eating fish. But, there are two days in the seven lean weeks (the Annunciation and palm Sunday), when you with peace of mind can regale themselves with fish, and for this we have excellent and simple recipes:

Strict fasting is prescribed to Church Ministers and monks. It is worth noting that the laity tolerate lax observance of lent. In this case, fish and seafood dishes can be eaten throughout time, and not only on the above days.

Offer you a choice of squid dishes to post:

Recipes meatless vegetable dishes and salads

Great lifesaver during lent will be the vegetables. It’s time to clean up stocks in the freezer. This case will perfectly fit the following meatless meals — recipes for every day:

Planning my menu in a post, do not forget about beans. Beans, peas, lentils – you can use them for cooking soups and side dishes. The easiest recipe of beans or lentils – fry the vegetables, add pre-boiled beans, add salt, season with spices. As there are with the soups – change or add one ingredient – get a new dish. Never again for all time of the post you are a wonderful hostess, thank you and kudos!

During lent don’t forget about the salads. Tomatoes and cucumbers – it’s expensive and not always tasty. Use for cooking cabbage and Peking cabbage, onion, carrot, radish, celery, radishes. A mixture of any combination of chopped vegetables seasoned vegetable oil and a drop of lemon juice – getting fresh vitamin salad of fasting.

Desserts and drinks in the vegetarian menu

When preparing the menu in the post don’t forget about the desserts and the drinks. You can indulge yourself with sweets based on fruits:

Drinks can be both refreshing and warming — fruit drinks, fruit drinks, teas with summer berries (cold and hot). All this can be made from frozen berries. harvested in the summer for future use.

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