Shepherd s Pie - recipe-meat pie
Shepherd's pie (Shepherd's Pie) is a traditional English dish. However, for their ease of preparation, availability of products and wonderful taste, it became popular in countries such as USA, Australia,…

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Tropical mix: guide to exotic fruit
Feijoa papaya Pomelo Passion fruit concise encyclopedia of exotic fruits – 10 fruit and 40 recipes with them. Coconut Avocado Figs Mango Guava Pineapple back to top Something tasty, easy…

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The design and decoration of dishes is a FamilyClub


The design and decoration of dishes

Decided to create such subject. I think it will be useful not only for the new year, but in General. Offer here to share your favorite decorations and ornaments of different dishes =)

The spring version of the design

fish salad “Mimosa” on March 8

Spread the top layer of waxed proteins and they placed decorations from sprigs of greens and grated egg yolks.

Clearance salad “lilac”

Basis – fish salad “Mimosa” or meat “Olivier”, or another favourite salad

The basis can be any salad or pate to taste and discretion of the home cook.

White blossoms “of the lilac” spread out grated on a large grater egg whites, lilac florets – grated egg whites, colored with beet juice (color will turn it purple). And decorate with sprigs of greenery.

This one especially liked. Interesting mouse.

Fish salad “Mimosa” with ornament merry mouse

The ratio of ingredients according to taste and mood

On a dish put layers, lubricating each layer of real MAYONNAISE(substitute from the store in any unwanted salads):

– potatoes, boiled in their skins (even better – baked) and grated on a coarse grater

– grated on a large grater egg whites

– grated cheese

– horoshisty canned (liquid pre-merge)

To grease on all sides with mayonnaise and sprinkle grated on a fine grater egg yolk.

Mice of different sizes to make hard-boiled chicken and quail eggs – ears and tails to cut out cheese, noses and eyes to make black peppercorns.

Making salad for March 8

The Foundation laid by the eight, could be any favourite salad or beet salad, or herring “under a fur coat”. For the formation of holes in the top eight while putting some salad in the middle to place the cups, then remove.

Boiled eggs to clear, painted in purple color of beet juice and a cruciform incision with the sharp end.

Salad “starfish”

Another alternative design is salad “Marine star”:


• 1.5 cucumber, (one for the basics, the rest chopped)

Salad recipes
Salad with cucumber and cheese Ingredients: 2 fresh cucumber, 300 g of Dutch cheese, 4-5 eggs, 1 tablespoon of sour cream, 1-2 tablespoons mayonnaise, dill, salt to taste. Cucumbers wash,…

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