The most unusual dishes of the world
If you now eat, we strongly recommend to postpone reading this article until later. The fact that we have collected for you a small list of the most terrifying, disgusting,…

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The most unusual dishes of the world

If you now eat, we strongly recommend to postpone reading this article until later. The fact that we have collected for you a small list of the most terrifying, disgusting, but at the same time interesting and incredible dishes from around the world.

1. Fried tarantula, Cambodia

This Cambodian delicacy. Served with lime and black pepper.

2. Roasted Guinea pig, Peru

Guinea pigs are known to us as cute and adorable animals.

However, for the inhabitants of the Andes, Guinea pig is the only food. Their meat is very nutritious and contains a lot of protein.

As a rule, they served on the table fried with the head and limbs. Pigs do not contain much meat, their skin is quite tough. The taste of Guinea pigs resembles rabbit meat.

3. Rotten cheese, Sardinia

This is especially a delicacy of Sardinia, which is served on the table along with a warning from the Ministry of health. Most of the cheese contains larvae and is considered a real delicacy.

4. The bird’s nest soup, China

To prepare the soup, use Swifts nests of Borneo. It’s a pretty expensive dish in China, costing around $105 per serving.

5. The larva of wood bloodworms, Australia

Traditional food of Australian aborigines. Huge white grubs found in the bark of trees.

6. Snake wine, South-Vostochnaya

This popular drink in China and Vietnam is believed to have important restorative properties. Prepared by steeping a snake in rice wine, or mixing body fluids of the snake, such as blood, alcohol.

7. A century egg, China

The title is a little deceptive. A regular chicken egg for a few months soaked in a special liquid, through which the yolk becomes a dark green tint and white-brown.

The dish, by eating which a person risking his life. In Japan more than 20 people died because of improper cooking of this delicacy.

9. Shiokara, Japan

Shiokara is a Japanese dish of seafood such as the squid marinated in its own internal organs.

10. Sannakji, Korea

Sannakji is a traditional Korean dish. The octopus is cut into small pieces and served while tentacles are still moving. It is not surprising that this dish is quite dangerous because of the possibility of suffocation.

11. Escamoles, Mexico

A well-known fact that tequila is made from cactus called “agave blue”. But did you know that Mexicans also collect ant larvae from the roots of this plant. This unusual appetizer they call “the caviar of insects”.

12. Beondegi, Korea

Larvae of the silkworm, which are served as snacks in Korea.

13. Tong zi Dan, China

One of the most dumbfounded dishes in the world. His second name “virgin eggs”. It is prepared from chicken eggs boiled in the urine of boys.

14. Haukal, Iceland

Haukal — national Icelandic dish which is prepared of Arctic Greenland sharks. It is prepared in a special way, as in fresh meat a lot of urea and it is not suitable for consumption. Carcasses of sharks not a few months put in a container with slits that oozed juices with urea. Then the carcass cut in strips and hung on hooks, where they hang in the fresh air for several months. Only after these manipulations, shark meat you can bring to the table.

15. Wine from pups, China / Korea

The drink, which must have enormous health benefits. I think you guessed from whom it is 🙁

16. Rooster combs, Europe

Rooster combs, most likely, does not seem like a dinner ingredient. But in Italy they are an essential part of a well-known sauce called “cibreo”. Rooster combs also have a place in French gastronomic history, where they were traditionally used as garnishes.

17. Surstromming, Sweden

Swedes love herring — preferably sour and fermented as possible. The smell of Surstromming so sharp and acrid that it is usually eaten outdoors.

18. Oysters of the Rocky mountains, USA

The name sounds rather exotic, until you discover that this American dish is actually nothing but bull’s testicles deep fried.

19. Coffee “Black Ivory”, Thailand

Black cat is the most expensive coffee in the last year. The cost was 1100$ per kilogram. The secret to this wonderful drink is made from beans that were swallowed by elephants and then collected from their dung…

20. Balut, Philippines

Balut is a boiled duck egg, the embryo inside is already partially formed.

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