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Winter salad: recipe classic

How to cook winter salad recipe classic

How to make winter salad: a recipe, ingredients

Winter salad is often linked in people’s minds with the Christmas feast, this is largely due to ease of execution and ingredients available in any kitchen. The more valuable the recipe for a delicious winter salad because in winter the fresh vegetables there is not in every home. The composition of winter lettuce is popular among Housewives set of products: potatoes, pickles and eggs.


200-400 grams of veal. The traditional recipe for how to cook winter salad, involves the use of veal, although not worse than the salad at all if you take any kind of meat (beef, pork, Turkey and chicken);

2-3 small potato tuber;

5 eggs;

A couple of large pickles;

Bank of canned green peas;

3-4 tablespoons of natural yogurt;

A tablespoon of French mustard;

Juice of one medium lemon or lime;

A couple cloves of garlic;

Salt, pepper.


Stir the mustard and yogurt;

Add juice of a lime (lemon) and garlic, passed through the press;

Well with salt. If you want a sharper dressing, add to taste ground cherrypie.

Preparation of ingredients

If Your recipe how to cook winter salad involves the use of meat products, the first thing you need to train them. Meat should be omitted only in already boiling water . This will allow him to stay more juicy and soft. Due to the crust surface protein meat loses much less moisture during cooking. Boil the product should be at least one hour, with 40 minutes the broth should be changed. In the process of cooking do not add salt, as the meat needs to cool in the broth;

Potatoes thoroughly wash and boil in their skins . The tubers put in boiling salted water and cook about twenty minutes. You can bake it in the oven, pre-wrapped tightly in foil. Ready tubers cool and peel;

Eggs hard boil for about 10-15 minutes, cool and peel .

Assembling the salad

Cooled meat cut into small cubes or tear it in small bunches of fibers and put in a salad bowl or a roomy deep dish. If your salad sausage, then chop into cubes a doctorate or any other variety of cooked sausage and place in a salad bowl;

Potatoes, pickles and eggs also cut into cubes. Better if all the ingredients are cut into equal-sized pieces;

Put all the crushed products to the meat, add the peas, pre-drain the banks liquid;

All mix well. Not seasoned this mixture for several days stored in the fridge, tucking in portions before serving.

To spice up a winter salad can be not only cooked yogurt sauce, and mayonnaise or sour cream. Although the special yoghurt dressing with French mustard and lime juice will give the dish a special piquancy and pungency.

Served the salad in a deep salad bowl, decorated with fresh herbs or decomposed portions in the bowls on lettuce.

Simple winter salad classic recipe can be your daily dish, or, on the contrary, a delicious treat for special occasions. If you cook it with sausage and mayonnaise, it can become a hearty lunch, while the dish with the preparation of veal and a spicy yoghurt dressing with French mustard will decorate any feast.

The choice of meat as an ingredient

When choosing meat, pay special attention to his appearance:

Quality meat has a characteristic color. Beef — red, veal — pink with a slight grayish tinge, and pork — pale pink;

Marbling in fresh meat should be cream or white. The consistency of the fat beef are pretty solid, but pork is milder with a slightly pinkish tinge. Grey and yellow fat indicates a low quality product;

Good meat has a dense structure. When pressed on the surface of the piece is a fossa, but it levels off quickly. The fresh meat on top is very fine pale red or pale pink crust, of a stale dried up piece it and is dark red, and the surface of the meat moist and sticky.

Along with winter, often Housewives prepare on the holiday table or just as an everyday dish classic crab salad, the recipe of its preparation is as simple. All the ingredients included in this salad, it is simple to purchase and does not require elaborate preparation.

A favorite dish of guests, according to many Housewives, is Charlotte. Here You will find a simple recipe Charlotte with apples, the most popular young culinary weaver. Although in recent times the regular recipe Apple Charlotte has undergone many changes and now has many options of cooking and ingredients.

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