Winter salad: recipe classic
How to cook winter salad recipe classic How to make winter salad: a recipe, ingredients Winter salad is often linked in people's minds with the Christmas feast, this is largely…

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Exotic dishes that you will hardly decide to try it
About exotic cuisine, which dares to try not everyone is a foodie, we have already mentioned. Looks like it's time to complement this list. Moreover, if the last time fried…

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Balls – cold appetizers

Balls and balloons are the most loyal companions of our childhood: they are associated with the joyous time when every day was holiday. Cheese, cottage cheese, meat, vegetables, fish for every taste practically melt in your mouth. Airy, crispy, soft they are easy to prepare and pleases everyone-adults and children. The Orb – the perfect geometric shape, and the ball is a perfect dish for the whole family!

Chicken balls

In this dish there is nothing unusual, it is the most simple products, but in this appetizer dish is very delicious, tasty, and always disappears from the table first.

cheese varieties – 100 g

pine or walnuts – 70 g



Method of cooking chicken balls:

1. Chicken mince.

2. Mix the bird with finely chopped pickled cucumber and grated on a fine grater cheese.

3. Add the mayonnaise and the garlic, crushed with a knife.

4. Dazzle balls, roll them in crushed nuts

Pechenocnae balls in pistachios

The liver is cooked differently, but liver balls in the pistachios – it is something! It’s all in an unusual combination of toppings from sour-sweet onions and a breading made from pistachios.

To cook liver balls in the pistachios, you will need the following ingredients:

• Turkey or chicken liver – 500 g

• bow, better red – 3 heads

• unsalted pistachios – 150g

• heavy cream – 1 Cup

• garlic – 3 cloves

• olive oil – 1 tbsp

• sugar – 1 tbsp

• crimson or just red wine vinegar – 1.5 tbsp

• butter – 1 tbsp

• salt, ground black pepper – to taste

Hepatic balls in pistachios are prepared as follows:

1. Pat dry the liver with paper towels, fry in olive oil until medium done to your liking, so that the middle remained slightly pink and firm.

2. Primelite the liver together with the garlic in a blender, pour in the cream and continue to grind for another 5 min.

3. Season the pate with salt and pepper and store in the refrigerator for 2 hours.

4. Onion cut into quarters rings, fry in butter until it is slightly darken and become soft, add the vinegar and sugar and simmer another couple of minutes.

5. Grind the pistachios in a blender in large crumbs.

6. From the paste shape into small balls the size of a ball ping-pong table in the center of each put stuffing – 1 tsp. onion, and rolled in pistachios.

7. Remove liver balls in the pistachios in the fridge overnight. nuts.

Cheese balls

Cheese is a versatile dairy product that is good both in itself and in other dishes. Cheese specialties are popular around the world. With the addition of cheese (or out of) cook various first and second courses, salads, snacks, pastries and desserts.

Snacks based on cheese most often easy to prepare, quick and very tasty, so they can often be seen on our tables. Today we offer to your attention a wonderful recipe for cheese balls.

To prepare the cheese balls, you will need:

cheese – 120 g

blue cheese – 50 g

butter – 50 g

egg – 1 PC.

walnuts (chopped) – 2 tbsp

brandy – 20 g

ground red pepper – 1 tsp


How to cook cheese balls:

1. Hard cheese grate on a fine grater.

2. Roquefort (or any other similar cheese) to crumble or mash gently with a fork.

3. Boil the egg, peel the shell and separating the protein from the yolk. The yolks with a fork. To prepare protein snacks are not required, it can be added to any other dish.

4. A portion of hard cheese to leave clearance for snacks.

5. Rest cheese spread in a bowl, add the softened butter, blue cheese, chopped walnuts, egg yolk, ground red pepper and brandy. All the ingredients are thoroughly mixed.

6. The obtained cheese mass to form small balls and roll them in the remaining grated cheese.

7. Lettuce rinse under running water, dry and lay out on a plate.

8. Cheese balls are ready to lay out on lettuce leaves. Before serving on the table on some time to put a snack in the fridge.

By adding in the cheese mass, red pepper, appetizer turns out to be quite acute. You can adjust the spiciness by reducing the amount of pepper, or even to exclude it from the ingredients.

For jewelry beads can be used not only cheese, but grated on a fine grater egg whites and unsweetened coconut white (it is worth remembering that the last version of the decoration is also designed for everybody, as a little changes the taste of meals). In addition to walnuts to make the cheese balls you can also use chopped almonds, cashews and pistachios.

Salmon balls


salmon canned. – 1 Bank

cream cheese – 1 packet

(“Rama creme Bonjour”)

onion repch. -1/2

horseradish grated – 1H.l.

walnuts chopped – 1/2 Cup

parsley – small bunch


Of salmon, drain the juice, remove the seeds, carefully mash with a fork, finely chopped onion, add cheese, salt, horseradish, stir, put in fridge until harden to such an extent that it was possible to roll balls.

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