About crickets, caterpillars, ants, larvae, bees, bedbugs, Scorpions, tarantulas and grasshoppers, was not considered necessary to describe in detail, can only hold nasty statistics: It is estimated that over the…

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Original salads on the holiday table
When approaching formal event, every woman begins to think, than to surprise your dear guests and what to put on the table. In addition to the main hot dishes it…

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Unpleasant appetite

Chukotka and Greenland: the harp seal, stuffed seagulls

Northern dish civic is among the festive dishes of the eskimo food. It is made by decay in the permafrost. The recipe can cause a gag reflex: in gutted and headless seals fit 400 untreated sea birds — guillemots, “dish” bacon is sealed and placed in the ground under the press for a period from three months to a year and a half. On holiday, usually at Christmas, rotten corpse seal get out of the pit, take out the last fermentation of poultry carcasses, pluck and eat them raw. They say that the taste of celiac similar to a very old and pungent cheese.

Sardinia: cheese with maggots

Cheese with cheese fly larvae — a signature dish on the Italian island of Sardinia. The name “Marco KAFU” means “rotten cheese”, also italiancanadian his wormy. The product is made from Pecorino cheese that is deliberately left in the fresh air, so that cheese flies can lay their eggs. The army hatched larvae eat the cheese, decomposing the fats and thus giving it a smooth taste.

Ready cacu Marco should come crawling with worms and eaten with special caution: live maggots were swarming in the sticky mess, able to jump up to 15 cm. because Of this, when eating tourists are advised to either remove the white worms or to protect your eyes during the meal. There is a risk of infection with live larvae, and the risk of poisoning if the product is over-ripens and reaches a toxic state. KAFU Marco doesn’t fulfill the hygienic requirements of the European Union, therefore its status remains illegal.

In Iceland on holiday Torrablout supposed delicacy of the ancient Vikings — haukal. This dish is made from a rotten stomach or muscle giant Greenland shark, which has no kidneys because of what its meat for normal cooking is poisonous, as it contains a large amount of uric acid. The Vikings have learned to remove the poison with the help of decay: shark meat is placed under a press in a box with holes to harmful juices to drain, the container is placed in a cellar or the ground for weeks or even months, the product is then dried in the fresh air from two to four months. When tasting, it is recommended to close your nose and drink a dish of Icelandic potato vodka, brennivin, which is also called “black death”.

Latin America: the ants and their eggs

In Colombia, in the province of Santander grown edible giant ants — hormigas culonas. They are fried, salted and eaten like peanuts, and they make a sauce with bits of ants, which usually cover the meat patties. The pendant ormiga dish served in many restaurants in the city Barichara. Before you pucker up, learn what’s in the food are only ants-Queen, and when collected from ant bites hurt a lot of Colombian peasants. The tradition of eating ants is ancient and traces back to the Indians pre-Columbian era.

In Mexico, you can try a different dish ant — escamoles. It consists of eggs of giant black Liometopum ants that live in the root system of the plant agave. You may not even notice that ate the larvae of ants, as they are often wrapped in fast food, hiding in the cake. Escamoles taste reminiscent of butter and nuts.

Israel: locusts dipped in batter

In Israel, where it may occasionally happen that a swarm of locusts, I learned to make from her a variety of dishes: fry, pickle, cooking and making desserts, dipping the largest insects in caramel, chocolate or batter dough. The Israelis believe that locusts are an excellent source of protein. They say that the taste is more reminiscent of a fish.

Africa: the warthog’s butt

Africans have long consumed warthogs, considering them pests that dig over their fields and plantations. The meat of these animals hard and not too tasty, but experienced by local residents found out that the food is quite good loin of the animal. In Namibia the ass of a warthog made by a special recipe: the insides are removed, but not washed with water, then the meat is fried on coals.

Australia: larvae of witchetty

A traditional treat indigenous Australians — the larvae of the Gypsy moth. Cooked on an open fire, stain in the ashes, or by the example of aboriginal use live. It is believed that a dozen larvae size up to 7 cm contains the necessary for an adult person a supply of protein. Roasted they taste like an omelette, and cheese — a raw chicken egg.

USA, Mexico and Asia: brains

In the USA, Mexico and recently also in London you can order a hamburger with cow brains. However, some people like this sandwich doesn’t scare me: they had meals and terrible. For example, in China and Indonesia delicacy is monkey brains. And in the Cameroonian tribe Anyang few decades ago there was a tradition ritual of eating the raw brain of the gorilla tribe leader immediately after the election. The members of the tribe drove the unfortunate animal, killed and then ate. While the chief ate the brain, another senior member of the tribe was eating the still warm heart of a gorilla.

In Vietnam and Paraguay as fast food sold carcasses of roasted rats. Once rodents eat only poor people, suffering from hunger. Nowadays, however, it is a popular substitute for chicken. In Paraguay appreciated the newborn pups: they need to swallow it whole and drink a glass of milk. In some South American countries (e.g. Peru) are eaten by animals, which in Russia is considered to be homemade, — Guinea pigs.

Japan: the drink from the venom of the hornet

In Japan, make a tincture of poison giant hornets, suzumebachi. This endemic species of insects live add Japanese vodka Shochu: when dying, the hornets release the poison in alcohol, and the drink supposedly gets curative properties. The bites of suzumebachi are considered extremely dangerous: from its venom, destroying tissue, die on average 40 people a year.

Christmas snacks recipes
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