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Dangerous exotic food, exotic dish

Going on vacation to exotic destinations, we strive to try local cuisine, unusual dishes and overseas products. It is important to remember that even quite edible dishes of local origin can be unusual for our stomachs and cause trouble with health.

What exotic food is better not to try in different countries of the world:

In Latin America – crabs

In Japan the Puffer fish

In Korea – Sannakji, “Wriggling octopus”

Sardinia – sheep’s cheese Casu Marzu

In Asia, monkey brains

In Namibia, a gigantic frog-a bull

In Europe and Asia – not pasteurized milk

In Jamaica, the Ackee plant

In the Mediterranean countries the fish “Silver streak”

In Latin America, after tasting the crabs can be infected by cholera. Although the disease is rare these days, but being in this country, it is important to eat only well-cooked and efficiently cleaned crabs.

Danger: explosive diarrhea

In Japan only the chef, who is trained for several years, has the right to cook exotic poisonous fugu fish. The most important thing in cooking is to comply with the necessary cooking time, remove the fish liver and the organs of reproduction in which soderjitsya tetrodotoxin, which causes paralysis of muscles and asphyxiation. There’s no antidote, but a man’s life to save you, if you maintain artificial respiration until the poison is not eliminated from the body.

Danger: suffocation and death

In Korea, Sannakji is a dish of “Wriggling octopus” even looks exotic. Tentacles separated from the body, and immediately served on a plate, where they continue to squirm. If you are willing to eat, it is important to thoroughly chew food, drinking plenty of fluids so you don’t choke like this exotic food.

Danger: suffocation and death

As in Sardinia, it is worth remembering that after tasting sheep’s cheese Casu Marzu, you can catch the disease “intestinal MIAS”. It is called cheese flies that can infect sheep cheese. It’s not fatal, but very dangerous disease. In the EU this cheese is banned, however, there are true lovers of the product who insist that the cheese is not dangerous, while the larvae of flies alive, i.e. until the cheese is very fresh.

Danger: the presence of such “creatures” in the body can cause vomiting, diarrhea, pain in the intestines and stomach, and go through all this trouble only, when the larvae of flies will be released from the body naturally.

In Asia, one of the exotic dishes are monkey brains. But they can be infected with BSE. The chance of catching this disease is not high, but the risk is there.

Danger: the disease can lead to dementia and death.

Namibian giant Bull frog is a truly exotic food. Her body contains toxins. In Namibia, this delicacy is prepared at a certain time of year when, allegedly, the abundant rains of frogs washes out toxins. But in any case, this product may be extremely dangerous. In the case of when the person poisoned with toxins, it will need immediate medical attention.

Danger . renal failure and death.

Raw milk can also be a dangerous food. Milk that was not pasteurized may contain harmful bacteria and cause illness with symptoms like the flu – brucellosis. In the agricultural regions of Europe and Asia milk is not subject to mandatory pasteurization. In this case it is better to boil the milk. If the infection happens, you need to contact the doctor who should prescribe a course of antibiotics.

Danger: infection transmitted from infected animals to humans, characterized by multiple lesions of organs and systems of the human body.

Jamaica is Paradise, but here the fan of exotic food can watch for danger in the form of “Jamaican vomiting sickness”, which causes the Ackee plant. It is important to know that only the yellow core of the plant is edible, used in many national dishes in Jamaica. Red shell and black inclusions Ackee toxic plants.

Danger: severe vomiting and death if not seek help from a doctor.

In the Mediterranean countries is considered a delicacy dish with fish Silver band. During preparation, it is important to remove fish liver and reproductive organs, as in the case of the puffer fish. It is here that contains dangerous toxins. If you cook this fish incorrectly, it can become deadly exotic food.

Danger: paralysis and asphyxiation.

Going to exotic countries and wishing to try the local cuisine, it’s wise to study her features and to remember that not every risk is justified.

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