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Christmas snacks recipes

Beautifully served delicious Christmas appetizers will whet the appetite of all those gathered at the holiday table. We have tried to do for you and your guests a selection of 10 Christmas snacks that are not difficult to prepare and require no special exotic products. In our menu you can pick as a low-calorie, and quite wholesome snacks and canapés, and make a choice based on the preferences of your guests. So in detail view cooking Christmas snacks, hover over the title and click the mouse.

Appetizer with shrimp

Ease of preparation and spectacular appearance speaks in favor of this new year appetizers with shrimp. For preparation of this snacks if you use white bread or baguette, cut into neat slices of the same shape. Grease them with butter, add a quarter of a hard-boiled quail eggs, peeled shrimp, slice black olives and a leaf of parsley. So for a few minutes we turned out to be delicious canapés with shrimp for novogodnego.

Pancakes with red fish

For this great snack you can use any kind of red fish. Fry how much milk pancakes on the classic recipe. As a sauce, take fat sour cream and mix it with finely chopped green dill. Lubricate the entire surface of the cooled pancake and place sliced small plates red fish. Roll all together in a roll. To serve this delicious snack pre-slicing into serving pieces.

A great starter for those who are even new year’s eve diet or a low calorie diet. To prepare this interesting Christmas snacks need little tomatoes, cherry tomatoes. Grated on a fine grater cheese, mix with a bit of butter and garlic. Form a flat cake, put in the center of the tomato and make the ball, which we roll in finely chopped greens. Serve on a festive table in the form of whole bulbs and cut in half. And in another form, this snack looks great.

Appetizer with egg and ham on puff pastry

To prepare this delicious snack should be concerned about the basis of puff pastry. The finished dough should be rolled out and cut into squares or diamonds no larger than 3 x 3 cm Bake in the oven until cooked. Continue cooking snacks with ham takes a few minutes. Ham cut in small cubes, mix with melted cheese type “amber”. Put the filling over the squares of puff pastry, decorated with slice boiled quail eggs, tomato and fresh greens. This snack one bite, will be a highlight of new year’s eve menu.

Canape with sausage and a balyk

Certainly for festive meats in your menu is sausage, balyk and cheese. We offer you to use them as well for making Christmas canapés, which no doubt will adorn your Christmas table. Using cookie cutters or thin piles cut out circles from slices of rye (or any other) bread. Smear mayonnaise on each slice, top with a leaf of greens and a slice of fresh cucumber. Finely chop the sausage, balyk. Hard cheese cut into cubes 1x1x1 cm Collect food on skewers: first, a cube of cheese, then folded in the form of a sail sausage or salmon and then a mini-sandwich of bread with cucumber.

Fresh vegetables in winter season incredibly will delight your guests. Offer to cook an appetizer new year 2015 fresh cucumbers, which we stuffed with cheese, or granular cheese mixed with garlic. This washed fresh cucumbers should be cut into the barrels, with a height of about 4 cm and remove the middle. Top stuffed cucumbers need to put a piece of salted salmon and garnish with fresh herbs. Is fine hands, finely chopped green onions or a sprig of dill.

Tartlets with crab salad

Crab salad was especially fond of children, and if served in tartlets, from such snacks are sure no one will refuse. To save precious time in the New year’s eve, tarts better to buy in the store. Traditionally, the salad of crab sticks consists of boiled eggs, corn, crab sticks and mayonnaise, but for the freshness, add more cucumber. Fill the tartlets with salad, garnish with greens and serve.

If you already have enough menu of canapés and sandwiches, but you want to add another starter, then we recommend you to prepare stuffed eggs. Boiled eggs, remove the yolk. Next, prepare the stuffing: fried onions, grated smoked sausage, chopped green onions, boiled egg yolk and mayonnaise. Use a teaspoon to fill indentations from the yolk in the boiled egg and garnish as desired. This Christmas appetizer is quite satisfying and can replace a piece of meat or servings of potatoes.

Mini sandwiches with red fish

Bake the basis for mini-sandwiches from ready-made puff pastry. Next, prepare the sauce: very finely chop the pickled cucumber, dill green arrow and green onions. Mix it with fatty Mayo. Spread the sauce on a teaspoon of workpieces on top of puff pastry. Put slices of appropriate size red fish. Garnish with a slice of lemon and a leaf of dill. Such a savory new year’s appetizer will please fans of sharp little.

Cook with fun and holiday cheer, then Christmas snacks 201 6, impregnated your positive emotions will pass them on to all present, something fun for new year’s table 100% guaranteed!

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