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Salad with mushrooms and corn Ingredients for salad: chicken fillet - 300 grams; mushrooms - 150-200 grams; onion - 1 piece; carrot - 1 piece; pickled cucumbers (gherkins) - 3…

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Tropical mix: guide to exotic fruit

Feijoa papaya Pomelo Passion fruit concise encyclopedia of exotic fruits – 10 fruit and 40 recipes with them. Coconut Avocado Figs Mango Guava Pineapple back to top

Something tasty, easy and unusual, we always want, no matter the time of year outside. If pulled on culinary Exotica, but to try fried grasshoppers or ice cream with maggots you’re not ready, the best way to discover dishes from nepravishta unfamiliar or exotic fruits.

Durian, jackfruit, mangosteen, rambutan, kuruba, carambola, cherimoya… have you ever Heard these names? For example, mangosteen is a favourite of Malaysians and Thais. It has a fragrant sweet pulp, is considered the king of tropical fruits. It looks like a white tangerine, hidden in a pomegranate, and tastes like a cross between a peach and grapes.

Durian is one of the most popular fruits in South Asia. His fearsome appearance (a La coconut, overgrown with thorns) does not deter foodies. Solid Golden yellow flesh of the durian is not a fruit, but rather garlic-cheese-onion or even the taste of the herring. For the first time to try durian because of the specific smell better in the open air and in small quantities.

Jackfruit is a native tropical forests of Western India. It is the world’s largest fruit growing on the tree: the weight of the jackfruit is 35 pounds and has a diameter equal to half a meter! Rough surface of the fruit when ripe turns yellow, and the flesh acquires a taste and aroma that is close to banana and pineapple.

However, we won’t bother you with descriptions of fruits, which are not found in conventional stores. We are an affordable exotic! We offer you a guide to the 10 exotic fruits that can be found in supermarkets, and the recipes are the original dishes of pineapple, avocado, guava, figs. coconut, mango, passion fruit, papaya, pineapple guava and pomelo.

Homeland of pineapple is tropical America. Familiarity with pineapple Europeans are obliged to Columbus. In one of the journeys he’s received as a gift from an Indian tribe unfamiliar fruit with a refreshing juicy flesh, similar to large pine cone. The name of the fruit “pineapple” in the local language meant “refined taste”.

Pineapple is a favorite fruit Hollywood stars, strictly weight watchers. It contains the enzyme bromelin, contributing to better digestion and faster fat burning. There is even a special pineapple diet. the followers of which claim that pineapple helps them to keep in shape.

Pineapple, which is sold in fresh and in canned form, is a wonderful ingredient in all kinds of salads, sauces, cocktails. We offer you some of the best dishes from this fruit.

Chutney pineapple

Apple pie with pineapple

Avocado is an evergreen “occupant” of the tropics and subtropics. Place of origin – Central America, and the best avocado grows and supplies to the world market of Mexico.

Avocado has a pear shape, a smooth skin dark green or brownish color with yellow or red patches. The flesh of the avocado creamy-yellow, tender, taste like butter and nuts.

Nutritionally avocado is not inferior to the meat, since fruit contains a lot of protein and easily digestible fat is useful. That’s why avocado is on the menu of models. who love this fruit for the satisfying and delicious taste.

Avocados used in cooking in cold dishes: salads, cold appetizers, sandwiches.

Pizza with seafood and avocado

Guava on our table – guest, from tropical America. Mature guava fruits are greenish yellow in color, soft to the touch, with white, yellow, pink or red flesh, nice-smelling musk. Guava seeds can cause irritation of the throat, so before eating the fruit they definitely removed!

Guava eaten fresh, frozen for future use, marinate, add in juices, ice cream. marmalade, jam. puddings, sherbets and other Oriental sweets, as well as in salads and side dishes to meat dishes. Guava is a rich source of vitamin C and beta-carotene.

Puff pastry with guava and cream cheese

Figs. it’s the fruit of a Fig tree or Fig tree, native to mountainous regions of Asia Minor. According to biblical legend, tasting Fig that Adam and eve discovered their nakedness.

Figs, depending on the variety, may be almost white, light Golden, dark purple. Inside the figs many small seeds, which give it a spicy, delicate flavor. It is believed that in one gram of good figs should be at least 900 seeds.

Figs are eaten fresh, dried, used for preparations for the winter.

Pie with blue cheese and figs

Eastern cake

The coconut originally from Southeast Asia. Familiar from childhood on the cartoon about Mowgli, Chung-Chiang and advertising chocolate bars, this fruit has become for us a symbol of heavenly bliss.

The pulp and juice (milk) of the coconut is an important ingredient in many Asian dishes, from desserts, beverages and sauces to soups and hot. “Right Coco” should feel heavier than its weight, not to have dents, and when shaking inside must be audible gurgle of liquid.

The flesh and coconut milk added to meat soups. stews and sauces. fish stews, pastries, cakes and desserts, refreshing drinks.

Meatballs of ground beef in tomato sauce These meatballs can be served with any garnish. Meat sticks in a delicate breading Minced meat sticks are much more interesting to taste…

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