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National cuisine of Malta

In Malta, on Gozo island, seven long years languished crafty Odysseus is held captive by the nymph Calypso. It is impossible to say with any certainty what exactly she treated the hero. However, Maltese cuisine at all times been distinguished by the impeccable quality of the original products. Representatives of different peoples living at different times in Malta, was brought to the set of dishes of the archipelago is something special- it consisted of Maltese cuisine, which is one of the brightest representatives of Mediterranean cooking (in General, not so much sea separates peoples, how many of them connects). So over the millennia evolved the modern Maltese cuisine is an eclectic alloy of Mediterranean and Arabic traditions.

Very popular in Malta, vegetable dishes, cheese, fish and meat baked in pastry. Side dish of rice is widely used, and almost every second the Maltese prefers everything spaghetti, macaroni and other flour products of this kind.

Especially delicious dishes made from young cauliflower, baked in crispy pastry with sheep cheese and chicken eggs. This looks delicious fillet of chicken cooked with spinach, cauliflower and chestnuts.

Be sure to try a pumpkin pie: fresh pumpkin flesh is bright orange mixed in with the rice and fresh Basil. Very popular cakes with spinach and anchovies.

Spaghetti or ’pasta’ are served in small deep plates in which they look especially appetizing. These dishes are most popular in the country and sold, perhaps at each corner and in a humble peasant taverns. ’Pasta’ served hot and the Maltese love to order it as a dish for ’delicious snacks’, which is washed down by tea or coffee.

Another important element of Maltese cuisine are all kinds of stuffed and stewed food. Try the stuffed octopus or a cuttlefish, in a tomato sauce, you will not regret it.

Bradzholi (“brajole”) — stuffed rabbit cooked in wine and herbs; minced meat and eggs with the addition of the bread crumbs and parsley wrapped in thin slices of beef tenderloin and braised in the sauce over low heat, just amazing.

Traditional pie with lampuki – fish, taste like tuna. And one of the most exotic dishes – spaghetti with sauce from ink of an octopus.

Hobza (“jobs”) – crisp bread, which is baked in the oven. Yesterday’s bread in Malta do not exist. On the streets at the end of the day you can see a box with bread, which is cooked to a secondary treatment.

kinnie (“Kinney”) is the main local soft drink. It’s made from bitter oranges and aromatic herbs of the twelve local. The taste is slightly tart, good thirst quencher and has a very noticeable relaxing (but not laxative) effect. Something like “coke” with orange juice. Drinks “kinner” and “cross” represent the kind of “Kinney”.

Timpala (“Timpul”) is a casserole of pasta with ground beef and browned with a crust of feta cheese. Some scholars find a confirmation of the fact that the favorite dish of the master of the order of Malta, La Valletta.

Aljotta – fish soup, in which chopped garlic, chilli, tomatoes, rice and crumbled handful of oregano or parsley. Walking through the fish market Marsaxlokk, you will realize how diverse the catch is in Maltese waters.

Pastizzi (“pastizzi”) – daily snack – like flakes of pastry, filled with peas sometimes. In each bar you will find my version of this dish. Pastizzi are beneficial for recovery after illness.

Helwa tat-Tork (“helwa tat-TORK”) – sugar sweet dish made from whole and crushed almonds, which will be offered to you after dinner. Are often added fruit — watermelon, peach, apricots and citrus.

In addition to culinary products in Malta always offered for dessert ice cream, fruit salad or just fruits that grow in Malta: peaches, pears, grapes, watermelons and, of course, tangerines, oranges and grapefruits.

Literally the next day everyone who comes to Malta, it is clear that “gatherings” in the numerous cafes of Valletta is an indispensable and very important attribute of island life. Cozy up at a small café table on the street, drink a Cup of strong “cappuccino” with cheese “pastizzi” or a croissant, to talking with friends – what could be better and easier! Three hundred and sixty days of sunshine, blue skies and sea make “coffee” life is a pleasure, in a pleasant and not burdensome habit.

All “coffee” the life of the capital is held in the streets and squares, under the big and bright umbrellas. Waiters in white uniforms deftly swimming between small tables, for which so love to sit and guests of Valletta, and always busy and something discussing businessmen, and Housewives. Only in Valletta You can see the Prime Minister of the whole country, enjoy great coffee at the table of a local cafe.

“Coffee” life is not only coffee and delicious food. We all know how interesting it is to sit at a table and watch people passing by. Who knows, maybe this is the most important thing fun!

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