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The most expensive dishes in restaurants Kazan

Precious food: the most expensive dishes in restaurants Kazan

We are accustomed to look for “cheaper”, but this time – gap template. Do not skimp on yourself, because in Kazan is immodest to spend. Let us emulate same hero of the sketch “Monty Python” and choose, finally, the most expensive dishes and will “eat pineapples and hazel grouses chew”.

Piazza Fontana

Ribeye 1980 rubles

The rib eye is the meat with something akin to eve, as it is extracted from the rib section. For this dish suitable only what is in period from 6th to 12th rib of beef.

Bones, respectively, is removed, and the meat remains juicy and, at times, a small stone. Further, from this delicious slice and cook the steaks. In a good rib-eye steak is the most important degree of doneness (it should comply with strict cooking rules), which depends on the tastes of the guest institution. That is, it can be a well-done steak, and maybe “blood”, who he loves. It would seem, why a rib eye is part of gourmet dishes from the chef of this restaurant, because it is just a piece of meat, even from under 6-12 ribs. Not all turns out so simple. Well, who other than “the boss” to entrust the preparation, perhaps the most valuable and therefore most expensive in the world marbled beef. Usually a supplier of so-called marbled beef is Japan. To achieve the marble effect deli meat cows require special conditions of detention, which include special diets and even massage. To staticcast, the ribeye is one of the most expensive positions in the other restaurants in the city.

Khashlama is one of the oldest Caucasian dishes and was once considered food for the poor highlanders. Ironically khashlama is one of the most expensive dishes from the chef of the restaurant “Venice” and here is 700 rubles. The dish, along with other “Caucasians” have become classics of the restaurant beyond it. Khashlama is a thick soup of lamb with herbs and spices with a predominance of meat over the other ingredients and relatively small amount of broth.

The Restaurant “Chateau”

Turbot in garlic sauce – 2500 rubles

Oddly enough, the most expensive in the menu of this restaurant was the position of the “Fruit vase”. Weight “meals” – one pounds, and the price is 3000 rubles. But there is talk the desire for more exotic and gourmet dishes, which are definitely there in the menu “château”. For example, turbot in garlic sauce with the cost of the portions 280 grams – 2500 rubles. Turbot is a valuable breed of fishes, otherwise called “Big diamond”. In appearance it somewhat resembles a flounder, most likely because she’s too flat and the eyes are also situated on the same side. This is a seasonal fish and its value increases during the cold period, as caught in cold water it becomes much tastier. Turbot is considered a French delicacy. Another thing is that in traditional French cooking it is customary to prepare only as a whole. But its large size 50-70 cm in diameter, apparently, create certain inconveniences in the food supply in conditions of Russian reality.

The restaurant “Merchant Assembly”

Duck with apples – 835 roubles

Sea bass with spices – 850 rubles

The restaurant focuses on the ancient traditional recipes of Russian cuisine, so the dishes in its menu painted with hateful authentic joke. Take good old duck with apples, which immortalized the Soviet Munchausen Oleg Yankovsky in a familiar netlenke. Here it is not just a duck, and not just with apples, of course, but tender young breast of a duck (fantasy, what are you doing with me) in it’s own juice stewed fruit cranberry. Of course, a combination of duck meat and cranberry sauce is a classic combination, especially for Chinese cuisine, but perhaps the two socialist giants and took from each other something cooking in ancient times, and who did it previously unknown. However, now tender, as it is there, under the cranberry, as it is there, can be enjoyed in this restaurant and very expensive.

Expensive counterpart, “the duck” and even a little more expensive than its brutal “sea bass with herbs” for 850 rubles. Of course, this is not a seasoned sailor and not a Forester, and the fish of premium class. It is called sea bass. Got it in this segment thanks to a minimum number of bones and tender taste. Besides sea bass or sea wolf is a low-calorie product with many beneficial properties, for which he won the favour of the adherents of proper nutrition. So, eating the sea-wolf you eat something not only expensive but also helpful. Cook sea delicacy is totally different. The main thing that the fish was not too dry. The sea bass there is a caveat – wild is considered a much more valuable selection, so that, perhaps, is to ask the biography the sea wolf trapped in your plate.

The Restaurant “Tango”

Black sturgeon caviar (Amur river) to 1,800 rubles (40 g)

Oysters “White pearl” – 1800 roubles

About the Amur caviar, perhaps comments are unnecessary because this Russian luxury brand itself is not so much a food but a symbol of reckless luxury. Her colleagues oysters – world “luxury” brand not far from her left in the price segment both worldwide and in the menu of the restaurant. “White pearl” here are a half-dozen oysters, but they are presented here not alone, but accompanied by calves of 3 species and several sauces. So sea delicacy is served not mono, but in the form of a full meal – a gastronomic composition.

Generally, on oysters, in all restaurants where they are served, the dish do not choose expensive shellfish. Their own price may not be as high – 100-300 rubles apiece, but vintage wines, recommended to oysters and “make cash” exorbitant prices. But, as you know, the precious taste of the clam just revealed an exquisite drink.

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