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What to try in China? Cuisine of China - a special part of the culture of the state, which, undoubtedly, will be appreciated by the lovers of cooking. The national…

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The fastest and light snacks
The fastest and snacks, of course, are salads fruits and vegetables, because, first, their preparation is spent much less time (no need to boil, simmer, fry, etc.) and, secondly, such…

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What can you cook minced meat

The stuffing is scrolled in a meat grinder or crushed with a knife meat, fish or poultry. Meat dishes budgets, because for cooking, as a rule, take not the most perfect pieces of meat. Of course, you can lime for stuffing filet Mignon, but of all nonsense, even from scraps of meat and not the noble fish, minced meat will be good.

Meat dishes — is a great options for beginners because they are quite difficult to mess up (unlike, for example, from the steak that still need to learn how to fry).

There is an opinion that with minced meat “much trouble”. That may be so, however, in addition to those already listed in the budget and the low probability of ruin, the stuffing has a major advantage — it can prepare for the future.

General rules for cooking meat

The stuffing can be made from any meat. Suitable beef, pork, lamb, chicken, and purified from the bones of fish. You can cook the meat, and mix multiple. In some cases, no mixing and does not do — for example, if you have a piece of lean beef, it is better to add the fatty pork or bacon, otherwise the finished dish will be too dry.

To fatty pork you can also add chicken. Sinewy, old beef is better to dilute tender chicken or pork to the stuffing has not turned out too hard.

To make the meat came out tender (this especially applies to old meat, beef) mince two or three times.

In many of the dishes of minced meat add soaked in milk white bread (usually stale). When frying the grain mass helps to retain the juiciness of the meat. For this purpose use breadcrumbs — fried crust gives the meat to dry out and become too hard.

For most dishes the meat for minced meat roll with onions or garlic. At desire it is possible to form mass with the addition of chopped greens, vegetables, nuts.

Mixed with vegetables and spices, the ground meat needs to knead well and to beat. For meatballs to recapture must be especially careful.

Spices for minced meat is a traditional spice for meat: black pepper, hmeli-suneli, Bay leaf (it is added 5 minutes before the food is ready). Generally, the choice of spices depends on your preferences. I love to fry chicken cutlets, knead it minced with curry powder, fatty pork ennoble cinnamon or nutmeg to the beef add pounded allspice.

Fish suitable Basil, rosemary, thyme, tarragon, parsley, pepper.

The stuffing is a variety of dishes and versatile way of processing the meat. It is always possible to prepare for the future, portions to freeze and thaw as needed.

Ground beef is meatballs in the soup, toppings for such dishes as dumplings, stuffed cabbage, dolma, sorcerers, manta rays. From forcemeat cook cutlets, zrazy, all kinds of casseroles, stuffed them eggplant and zucchini and mix with rice and put in pepper, cooked steak and eggs. Minced fish is the famous fish meatballs, fish meatball soup, stuffing for pies.

Seasonal, autumn can be filled with a stuffing of pumpkin or zucchini, summer fry light chicken meatballs with a fair amount of greenery, and fill the peppers, of which the excess in the winter to cook hearty meals, and in the spring to choose “srednekaloriynye” cabbage rolls, casseroles and enjoy kebab in the first outings.

For a busy, working person, which, however, takes care of her food and not eating purchase the dumplings, stuffing is a very suitable base for a weekly menu.

Once you can prepare the necessary amount of the stuffing (lots of stuffing!), portion to freeze (best to use disposable bags, but if space allows — containers for storing food). In the morning before leaving for work, you should get one serving out of the freezer and remove the shelf of the refrigerator. And in the evening, on arrival home, add in the defrosted stuffing is needed (spices, soaked in milk bread, vegetables) and cook fresh burgers, cooking light potato soup with meatballs.

Given the large variety of dishes, with the base in the fridge — minced meat — we can every day easy to prepare dinner. For example, from the available minced pork mixed with beef on Monday, you can cook them burgers on Tuesday mix with chopped cabbage and rice and cook skits or lazy cabbage rolls, there is to be with sour cream and greens. On Wednesday we will do a casserole — put layers of mince, potatoes and mushrooms, on Thursday prepare meat sauce for spaghetti, and Friday will please yourself steak with egg. On the weekends, when time is sufficient, it is possible to prepare more complex dishes where minced meat is used as stuffing dolma, manti, pelmeni.

As you can see, beef is a huge space of options. The main thing to consider is the dish that will cook!

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