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Top 10 most delicious desserts in the world

Each country is famous for some of their national dish: borscht in Russia, pizza in Italy, shpikachki in the Czech Republic, paella in Spain. Besides the main dishes there are still dishes and dessert, which are also completely different in different countries.

Today we will tell you about 10 most delicious sweet dishes in the world.

Gulab Jamun (India)

The main ingredients for this dish are flour, milk, some raisins and pistachios and corn oil. The kneaded dough is divided into small balls, which will increase in size directly in the cooking process. Gulab Jamun even somewhat reminiscent of doughnuts, except that instead of being sprinkled with powdered sugar, this dessert is immersed in a special sweet syrup.

The taste of the syrup is different depending on what part of the country you are. Some States prefer saffron, some citrus juice and some rose water. Immersed in the syrup the dessert is usually left overnight so the syrup can soak into a treat. Serve the Gulab Jamun, both cold and hot. This traditional Indian dessert is usually served on holidays, which he gladly eaten under a roar of fireworks and music.

Chestnut centoni or cream candy (Japan)

In all countries of the world like candy more suitable for cinema than for a celebratory feast. However, for Japanese creamy sweets, you can make an exception, because the taste is no other candy can compare with famous chestnut kintamani.

The basis for this delicacy is chestnut. Add sweet potato, sugar, vinegar and sweet sauce. Interestingly, varieties of chestnut for the preparation of these intonow can be found exclusively in Japan and South Korea.

Baklava (Turkey)

This dessert loved by many, erroneously considered to be Greek, although he first appeared on the territory of Turkey. Many years ago among the Greeks and the Turks was made to share ideas and culinary delights, and baklava.

For the manufacture of this dessert is a special phyllo dough, which is sometimes quite difficult to handle, due to the fact that it dries very quickly. The numerous layers of dough poured melted butter and syrup, whose main components are honey, sugar, lemon juice and orange water. Top dessert is decorated with pistachios or other nuts.

Cake Pavlova (Australia and New Zealand)

This light and airy dessert is popular in Australia, New Zealand and England. Buy cake Pavlova is almost impossible in small local stores or the nearest eatery. This dessert is served as a rule in specialized confectionary stores and expensive restaurants. The Pavlova cake is a real godsend for losing weight, because the calories in it are very few. Prepare this dessert, their egg whites and sugar. Top cake is decorated with whipped cream and fresh fruit — strawberries, kiwi, raspberries, peach.

Pudding “Castle” (England)

England is one of those countries that rarely surprise special delights in cooking. However, this dessert is a definite reason for pride among the British. Pudding “Castle” – a warm delicious dessert, generously drizzled with strawberry sauce. A special highlight of this dish — the topping — strawberry jam, which goes down the sides of the pudding.

Fruit salad (Central Africa)

There is nothing healthier and tastier than the fruit salad. Undoubted benefits for the body — that’s one of the main advantages of this dessert. One certain recipe of this delicacy in Central Africa does not exist, but all the recipes have a watermelon as a mandatory ingredient. Watermelon feeds the whole animal world of Central Africa, and is used in many dishes throughout the country.

Almond cookies (China)

These biscuits are, of course, is quite common in all countries, but it has come to us from China. Many Americans, for example, often go to Chinese restaurants just for the sake of their favorite dessert. Sometimes macaroons are served as a compliment to main dishes — the suckling pig, lobster and others. Many people confuse macaroons with the famous Chinese fortune cookies, but the taste of almond cookies well ahead of his opponent. It is best to eat this dessert with milk.

Tiramisu (Italy)

Another name for this dessert – “Tuscan trifle,” and there he was born in Siena, a city in northwestern Italy in the province of Tuscany. Tiramisu — light and fluffy dessert reminiscent of a tapioca pudding. Prepared “Tuscan trifle” eggs, mascarpone cheese, cookies lady finger, cream, brandy, sugar, rum and grated chocolate or cocoa.

Churros (Spain)

Churros – sticks of soft dough made from wheat flour and many other ingredients. Today, churros are popular all over the world, including the Korean American theaters and baseball games. Usually churros sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar and are a source of fun on cold rainy days.

Sopapias (USA)

In Spanish the name of this dessert means “a sweet fried dough”. Sopapillas — a bright representative of a whole family of desserts — fried buns — which are very common in almost all parts of the United States. This dessert first appeared over 200 years ago in new Mexico. There is sopapias can as a separate dish, or dipped in honey, a completely new way revealing the taste of this delicacy.

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