Shepherd s Pie - recipe-meat pie
Shepherd's pie (Shepherd's Pie) is a traditional English dish. However, for their ease of preparation, availability of products and wonderful taste, it became popular in countries such as USA, Australia,…

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Salad recipes for every day
Salad with mushrooms and corn Ingredients for salad: chicken fillet - 300 grams; mushrooms - 150-200 grams; onion - 1 piece; carrot - 1 piece; pickled cucumbers (gherkins) - 3…

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History: the Most beautiful dishes of the world

In our time the little chefs to prepare delicious and mouthwatering meals, you need to make them beautiful. Only the most unusual and original works of culinary art can become popular, so the chefs have to be artists and designers, to please gourmets and lovers of quality and beautiful food. Invented new ways of processing products, interesting techniques supply of food, unusual combinations of different flavors, and most importantly, great attention is paid to the appearance of the dish. Some of the masterpieces in the finest restaurants become popular all over the world.

The chef of one of Chicago restaurants prepares a delicious dish from the inner stem of the palm tree, which he named “Heart of palm”. It uses the stem of the acai palm, which is stuffed with various fillings, for example, an exquisite puree of truffles, vanilla pudding and other options. Just prepared five different pieces of stem, which are beautifully placed on five white elegant pedestals.

Salad “Gargoyle” – the invention of the famous French chef Michel Bras, is known for interesting experiments. This salad can include up to sixty different ingredients, including vegetables, seeds, leaves and even flowers. Each individual product is prepared in a special way. The composition of the salad varies, depending on the imagination of the author, and each time is a new masterpiece. It would seem like salamone to be the most beautiful dish? But Michelle manages Sconces with ingredients of different colors to create a truly delightful composition.

As Michel Bras, another French chef Pierre Gagnaire is also not invented anything new – he gave the original such a traditional and conventional dessert like meringues. This dish, as it is known, prepared from a mixture of proteins of eggs and sugar, and Gagnaire decided to dilute it a bit with water so that the mass became more airy. He took advantage of the opening of the famous chemist and grocery store Herve yew who is well versed in molecular cuisine. As a result of this after baking the meringue get nice crispy sticks of different colors, reminiscent of natural crystals. So the dish was named as “name of the wind”.

In one of new York’s restaurants serve a truly gorgeous dish, or rather, even different dishes – all of them served in the shells karaketov oysters. The most popular is Royal caviar “vichyssois” from a sterlet, elegant beautiful filling the sink. Classic French cuisine is the chef of restaurant Daniel Hamm also prefer to serve oysters. Looks very interesting cold soup-puree of onions and potatoes.

The most original dishes, as always, come from Japanese, natural born lovers of beauty and food culture. Yosiaki of Takizawa owns a small restaurant, in which all of the two tables, and while not seeking to expand. This restaurant can be considered a true theater, as well as serving meals made in the form of unusual performances. The chef presents a dish made of pieces of Japanese lakedra or altoholic, mountain vegetables and edible bulbs lilies, which filled the most unusual side dish in the world – chilled to minus two hundred degrees Celsius. Under the influence of this temperature the food powder structure, and if you touch it, it starts the evaporation, reminiscent of theatrical smoke on the stage.

Chefs love to experiment with eggs. David Scabin have created a unique culinary masterpiece called “cyber-egg”. He takes the poached egg together with caviar in a special plastic bubble. To cut this unusual dish in need of a very sharp knife scalpeling served together with egg. Another chef, Jean-Georges Vongerichten created an unusual composition of the omelette in an eggshell, decorated with whipped cream and black caviar. Looks like this “egg tower” is very impressive.

Caviar is often used as a decoration or Supplement palatability of various dishes, but the famous chef Ferran Adria has gone even further and created a dish of snail eggs, which is served on a tin platter. Here the caviar acts as a separate dish, which does not correspond to traditional notions of form and taste of the food. For such experiments the called Adria “the Salvador Dali of the kitchen”.

One of the most unusual and beautiful dishes – upside-down cake with cherry tomatoes, the invention of chef Daniel Patterson. He roasts on the fire peeled tomatoes, spread on the pesto. Tomato paste is thoroughly whipped until thick foam and laid on top, then tomatoes upside down cake crowned with a crust of chopped olives.

The most unusual dishes of the world
If you now eat, we strongly recommend to postpone reading this article until later. The fact that we have collected for you a small list of the most terrifying, disgusting,…

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