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Top 10 most delicious Turkish dishes

Turkish cuisine is varied and very bright, no wonder it is one of the three most popular and delicious cuisines in the world. A stunning combination of different flavors, plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits, methods of cooking, in which foods do not lose their useful qualities that make Turkish cuisine is not only incredibly tasty, but also beneficial for our body.

We present you the top 10 Turkish dishes which are worth a try, arriving in Turkey. Without tasting these products of the national cuisine, the acquaintance with Turkey will be incomplete, since tradition in cooking is as important for understanding the essence of the country and its historical sights.

Let’s start our acquaintance with the Turkish food with kebabs. This is a traditional Eastern kebab, made from minced meat. The main meat when cooking kebabs is lamb. A mandatory condition will be the addition of sheep fat, which gives the kebab a distinctive taste and makes the meat more fatty. One of the most famous in Turkey, variaties of kebab is Adana kebab. In this dish the meat is threaded on a special wide skewer and roasted on an open fire. Adana kebab served with a salad of pickled onions and greens,thin pita bread and a slice of lemon.

No less popular and Doner kebab. It is an original way of cooking meat in which large cuts of beef strung on a vertical spit, rotating slowly around its axis. Roasted meat is cut into very thin strips and served in freshly baked bread. Option Doner kebab is the Iskender Doner is a favorite dish and themselves Turks, and tourists. For the Iskender Doner kebab slices of meat stacked on a prepared bread soaked in butter and fat, flowing with the upcoming Doner. Top dish is filled with tomato sauce and served with Turkish yoghurt.

Another very common in Turkey meat platter – kofte. It is a national cake, prepared from a mixture of lamb and ground beef. In addition to meat in the mince for the kofte add minced onions and plenty of spices. From stuffing form small flat cakes that are fried on the grill. Served kofte salad with marinated sweet onions and herbs.

A dish made of dough that is often served for Breakfast. Thin layers of dough stacked layers, and between them is added the stuffing of salty cheese, spinach or roasted meat. All this is poured a sauce of milk and eggs. Borek baked in the oven until crisp and served hot. Possible and sweet version boreka, when, instead of filling inside put regular sugar. Sweet Borek was especially fond of children, gladly gobbling up the crispy tortillas. A very popular variant of this dish called the Cigar Borek. In this case, the dough is rolled into the form of cigars, putting the filling inside: feta cheese, potato or minced meat. Cigar Borek fried in a pan in olive oil.

Farinaceous dishes, without which the Turks can not imagine my life. SIMIT is the most common street food, a mandatory attribute of a Turkish Breakfast. Early in the morning in any town you can hear the call-cries of the seller of the Turkish bagels SIMIT, offering their wares. Fresh hot pancakes, sprinkled with sesame seeds, sold on the street, special carts. Immediately to offer him processed cheese and tea.

Lahmacun – a kind of Turkish pizza. The main difference of this dish from the traditional pizza is a thin dough. As topping for lahmacun use ground beef with tomatoes, herbs and bell peppers. Lahmacun is served with plenty of parsley and lemon. The product is so thin that it can be rolled into a roll, putting in the middle of the greens and a salad of sweet onion.

Unlike traditional pilaf in our understanding, in Turkey pilaf (or pilau, as it is called here) is not prepared from rice and wheat. Often in a dish add chickpeas laptop, and then it turns out Notle of pilav; eggplant – Patlican of pilav; tomatoes – Domates of pilav and even fish – khamsi of pilav. Basically, pilaf in the Turkish cuisine that serves as garnish to the main dish. Pilaf is usually served with yogurt.

Baked beans is a dish with the same pleasure and eat in the homes of the rich and the poorest families. The beans are soaked overnight and then stewed for about two hours with tomato paste, onions and spices. Kuru fasola served most often with boiled rice and yogurt.

Turkish manti, in contrast to the usual us Central Asian, are small lumps of dough with minced meat. The size of the Turkish Mantova shall not exceed the size of the nail on a finger. Now manti is made with the help of machinery, and before the molding of this dish was about all the female part of the family. At one time prepared to thousands of small “dumpling”! Serve manti with yogurt sauce with garlic, and top the dish pour melted butter with spices.

One of the most popular and delicious Turkish snacks. Grape leaves wrapped the stuffing of rice and meat. Noteworthy is the shape of Sarma is in the form of women’s fingers. As they say in Turkey, Sarma thickness should not exceed the size of the “little finger of a young girl”. Sarma – fairly hot and spicy dish, like the appetizer, the main purpose of which is to stimulate a good appetite.

The baklava is a staple of East. It is impossible to leave Turkey, taking with him a box of this delicious candy. Lightweight superfine dough is stacked by multiple layers, interspersed with various types of nuts and filled with sweet syrup. Kalloriynost this dish is through the roof, but there is no way to resist in order not to taste even a piece of dessert, melting in your mouth.

Another dessert that are related to the category of the most delicious dishes of Turkish cuisine. Between the layers of special dough in the form of vermicelli laid a soft goat cheese. All this is fried in oil and served hot.

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