Top 10 most delicious desserts in the world
Each country is famous for some of their national dish: borscht in Russia, pizza in Italy, shpikachki in the Czech Republic, paella in Spain. Besides the main dishes there are…

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Dominican Republic
Traditional dishes of the Dominican Republic are: thick soup "Asopao" with rice, meat and vegetables; mouth-watering stew "Bandera" from beans, meat, rice and fried bananas; meat with vegetables "Pastele N.…

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10 most exotic dishes of Japanese cuisine

Sushi, rolls, sashimi, – are you sure you really know everything about Japanese cuisine? One of the leading Independent Newspapers in the UK decided to rank the most exotic and the most delicious dishes of Japan.

Curry pan (Donuts with curry sauce)

Everyone loves curry, and many people love donuts, so why not combine these two great product? The Japanese thought so too and made a completely unique dish that will certainly not encounter in a candy store.

Basashi (Raw horse meat)

Fish is one of the staples of Japan after rice. As for meat, the Japanese are willing to make all sorts of dishes made of horse meat. For example, Bassi. For it is only the fatty meat of the horse, which has a marble structure. The slices are cut very thinly and dipped in soy sauce mixed with ginger and green onions. As the authors of the rating, Bassi a bit like Italian prosciutto.

The zaru soba (Cold soba noodles)

Different kinds of noodles in Japan are many: and rice, and glass, and legumes, and egg, and Udon. But there is one particular called “soba” made from buckwheat flour. It can be served both hot and cold. On a hot day is a cold lapesova, cooked in a sweet broth of green onions and wasabi, pleasantly refreshing.

Uni (sea urchin ROE)

Sea urchin ROE is now a very popular dish among the rich. Not everyone can afford to eat such a delicacy. In Japanese cuisine it is very popular. Uni has a unique tapestry of flavors: sweet, bitter, and salty, a little tender and enveloping.

OMU-rice (Rice omelette)

Originally a dish of rice and scrambled eggs came to Japan from European cuisine. However, after several centuries, the Japanese have adapted rice omelette under my kitchen, and today is OMU-rice is a dish so popular that in Japan there are separate restaurants, specializing exclusively in its preparation.

Okonomiyaki (Japanese pizza)

Okonomiyaki is a kind of Japanese fast food. This dish is a fried tortilla from a mixture of various ingredients (vegetables, meat, fish), oiled special sauce and topped with thinly sliced dried tuna. In translation from Japanese “okonomiyaki” literally means “whatever you want”. I guess that’s why restaurants often having a stove for cooking pizzas directly on the table of the visitor, so that he was able to choose what ingredients to add.

Tori-Gai (Clam-serdtsevidna)

Heart-shaped molluscs which are used to cook this dish, are one of the most expensive seafood in Japan. To catch them, you must have a special license. But if you do not deal with bureaucratic procedures, it is sufficient to say that after preparation of marine reptiles are juicy and very sweet.

Have an ice (Japanese ice cream)

Have an ice represents snow and big fluffy lump of ice, syrup bright color and condensed milk. This Japanese ice cream is often served during various gastronomic festivals of the summer.

Dobbin Mushi (seafood Broth)

Dobbin Mushi is a traditional soup from seafood in Japanese cuisine. It is prepared in a special teapot with the addition of shrimp, chicken, limes, mushrooms, matsutake and soy sauce. The broth becomes rich and saturated taste. Before serving in the restaurant you can ask the waiter to take out all the ingredients and pour into a small soup just the broth.

Of syrrako (Seminal fluid of fish)

Closes the list of the most exotic dishes of Japanese cuisine “syrrako”. The ingredients in this dish: the seminal fluid of fish, spicy marinade and green onions. Interestingly, of syrrako (in Japanese – “white children”) for the Japanese is the same thing for us, granola bar, i.e. for them it is just afternoon snacks. Fish dish and served hot or cold.

10 most delicious Thai dishes
1. The first in the top ten most delicious Thai dishes is Tom Yam soup Goong. This is a spicy soup with shrimp and chili paste, lemongrass, alangaram, lime and…

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