Salad recipes for birthday

When the whole family looks forward to the coming feast, the mistress of puzzles, how to make a salad for my birthday. want to surprise your guests and loved ones?

All signature recipes become boring, and culinary books and magazines offer so many delicious salads on the day of birth. it is easy to get lost. For the holiday table want to choose something new, unusual and yet easy to prepare. We offer you a ready and proven options – not have to browse, and download over the Internet unknown salad recipes.

Our selection of salads on the day of birth has already been tested and delights any palate. You just have to use our best recipes and prepare these salads for a birthday, anniversary, and other holidays that guests only gasp. Every woman tries to be a hospitable hostess and invited all to offer the best and tasty. And to set the table correctly and beautifully arrange the appliances and dishes is no easy task. Therefore, it is important to organize everything perfectly and tastefully. But the most important is the ability to pick up a birthday recipes that will appeal to all.

Here is a valuable secrets – all kinds of salad recipes. Each of them will become not only a Desk decoration, but also the undisputed “hit” among the guests at the birthday of salads on the table by the end of the holiday, not staying, no. Birthday, recipes for salads. They have the following obyazatelnuyu:

– all components for recipes buy at the store for 1 – 2 days before the celebration, everything must be fresh. Particularly, it relates to products that can quickly deteriorate;

– try to balance all the dishes on the menu must be hot and cold appetizers, several kinds of salad and dessert. Follow selected recipes for my birthday, it is important to follow all the proportions;

– prepared and arranged dishes, should not only be delicious but also look delicious, guests wanted to try all;

Almost every family at any celebration serves traditional salads – “Olivier”, “Mimosa” herring under a fur coat. Some do not even realize these dishes without your birthday. But sometimes our favorite salads can be refreshed by adding new ingredients to familiar dishes. To describe the recipes of all these wonderful salads makes no sense – they know everything. But if you want to surprise the guests invited to the birthday or anniversary, you will have to make a couple of new and unusual salads. Of course, you want to please loved ones something original, refreshing and bored with the monotonous menu. Here, you will be able to continue to find unusual recipes for a birthday.

Now the most important thing – salad recipes:

Salad for his birthday, the recipe of salad with chicken

Using this recipe, you can make amazingly simple yet festive salad birthday. This is a relatively inexpensive, simple to prepare, with the original taste of the salad out of chicken meat. Recipe for salad “birthday” is one of the most simple and successful. One of its remarkable properties – suitable for a child’s birthday, salads chicken – loved by all. Adults will enjoy its light taste and originality. And want to be treated!

On 6 servings we need the following products:

chicken fillet – 300 grams

300 grams of fresh cucumber,

one the big Apple

100g greens,

tomatoes 100 g

mayonnaise 150g.

Step-by-step salad recipe “birthday”:

As usual: boil filet and eggs, wash and peel the cucumbers and apples. The apples need to be cored. Cut the chicken and carefully disassemble the pieces by hand. Apple, cucumbers and eggs cut into small cubes. Mix all the chopped ingredients and season with mayonnaise. Slice the tomato. Now, you can lay out salad a hill, and the top is beautifully decorate with chopped greens and tomatoes. All our salad birthday – ready. Bon appetit!

Children’s and adult meals for Banquet tables are very different, but on the birthday of any kid also need a delicious and healthy salads. Without salads not to submit a regular dinner, and what can one say about the holiday menu. All of these recipes will make you remember the taste of childhood and diversify the menu.

Salad of persimmon, delicious salad for your birthday, recipe

Having tried a number of new salads, I came to the conclusion that the most pleasant and easy on the taste – salad of persimmon and leek. The combination is unusual, but if your birthday fell in the winter, you can not miss the opportunity to try this masterpiece – a salad of persimmon. Those who watch their figure – record recipe – no mayonnaise here.

To prepare this salad we need to buy:

one large and ripe persimmon,

sternum smoked pork – 200 grams,

a bit of walnuts,

one package of corn salad

freshly ground black pepper.

The salad dressing go:

40 g of high-quality wine vinegar (light),

about 150 ml olive oil

a teaspoon of Dijon mustard.

How to prepare a salad:

All chop and stir, season with vinegar, olive oil and mustard. That’s so simple and our spicy salad is ready.

The Caesar salad, salad recipe Caesar salad with chicken for my birthday

I want to share another salad without mayonnaise. I love him very much, I think, and once you cook, too will be hooked. Many who’ve tried this salad at the restaurant, fear that it is very difficult to prepare. But the procedure is quite simple, and the salad can become a table decoration at your birthday party. “Caesar” can be with chicken, shrimp or smoked fish.

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