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Simple salads for every day

Simple salad recipes to whip up

Delicious, healthy and light salads — a welcome dish for any meal. Having won millions of hearts all over the world, they were and remain the most popular dish on our table. Speed of preparation and lack of heating are the two main advantages of salads such important with today’s pace of life. And that alone is worth the magic word — vitamins!

His Majesty salad comes from Ancient Rome. The locals prepared this dish 2, 5 thousand years ago. The composition of the first salad consisted of endive, parsley and onion and flavored it with pepper, salt and honey. Only in the middle ages lettuce has gone beyond the Italian Peninsula and went to France. There it was served as an exclusive dish to roast.

Due to long and persistent experimentation, in the 18th century the French in their Arsenal already had a lot of different salad dressings homemade: wine, lemon juice, vinegar, olive oil, herbs and spices.

The 19th century brought the salads with new ingredients in addition to vegetables, they began to add meat, fish and boiled eggs. There is also a new dressing — mayonnaise. Subsequently, the salads from restaurants elite cuisine moving into the homes of ordinary citizens and become one of ljubimuju of the population. Today one of the most popular dressings for simple salads is sour cream. It is actively used by leading chefs of the world. Sour cream dairy filling improves the taste of the ingredients of the salad first of all mushrooms. of meat and fish. It is not surprising that they have won the favor of many well-known restaurateurs.

Following the latest culinary novelties we have prepared for You a simple delicious salad recipes with sour cream — the perfect product for Your health and beauty.

A simple salad with chicken and vegetables

This salad is especially helpful for those who are carefully watching their figure. Thanks to the “Greek yoghurt (0.05%) of” from TM “Rud”, a part of its composition, the dish is light and nutritious at the same time.

To make the salad You will need . two fillets of chicken, 200 grams of shrimps, three tomatoes, two cucumbers, one green Bulgarian pepper, canned pineapples (diced), one sweet onion, lemon, parsley, yogurt, ground black pepper and 2 tbsp oil.


Fillet cut into small thin strips.

Pour oil in a pan, heat and fry chicken until cooked and Golden brown appearance. Don’t forget to salt and pepper the fillets.

Turn to vegetables.

Slice the bell pepper julienne, tomatoes — small slices, and cucumbers — cubes.

Slice the onion thin half-rings, chop the greens.

Omit the shrimp for a minute in boiling water, peel them and lightly sprinkle with lemon juice. Peeled shrimp for the salad you will need about 100 g.

Mix the chicken, sliced cucumbers and tomatoes, shrimp, green pepper and parsley in a bowl. Add half a Cup of tinned pineapples, salt, pepper to taste.

Dress the salad with yogurt .

Feeding to the table, salad bowl, spread on a slide and is served with a slice of lemon.

Salad fast food ham and cheese

Here is another easy recipe and extremely delicious salad of ham, cheese and fresh vegetables. To prepare this salad for some 15 minutes, so the recipe will definitely come in handy if You suddenly come to the friends.

To make the salad You will need . 150 g ham, 150 g of hard cheese, one cucumber, two tomatoes, canned green peas, parsley, sour cream, garlic cloves and salt.


Cut ham and cheese cubes.

Cucumber cut into strips, and tomatoes in small pieces.

Mix ingredients in a large salad bowl and add 6 tablespoons of peas.

With the help of a knife crush the garlic cloves and the parsley, add to the salad. Salt and stir the ingredients.

Fill salad sour cream and mix again.

Quick salad with corn and crab sticks

Real foodies will appreciate the distinctive flavor of this wonderful salad with sour cream. To prepare it in haste (in just a few minutes) at any time of the year.

7-8 servings of salad You need . 380 g canned corn, 240 g of crab sticks, 300 g fresh cabbage, onion, lemon juice, sour cream, mayonnaise, salt to taste.


Finely chop the cabbage. Optionally, instead of white, you can take a cabbage. Then the taste of the salad will be even more delicate and refined.

Add the lemon juice and stir.

Cut crab sticks small squares.

Finely chop the medium onion.

Mix the ingredients together and add corn. Season to taste with salt.

Mix equal parts sour cream and mayonnaise, season their salad.

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