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Original salads on the holiday table

When approaching formal event, every woman begins to think, than to surprise your dear guests and what to put on the table. In addition to the main hot dishes it is necessary to pay attention to cooking for my Birthday. Their main peculiarity lies in meticulous preparation. On a festive table is prepared from simple and available ingredients, from exotic fruits, which combine with meat and seafood.

Some Housewives cook on a festive table dishes on their favorite recipes, and they are decorated beautifully. So, everyone’s favorite Greek salad for festive options are also slightly changed from the traditional one. For example, instead of the usual tomato use miniature tomato cherry. They can be put just as a whole, but can be cut in half.

Festive version of the Greek salad

Ingredients for 4 people:

150 g of lettuce,


half an onion,

200 g feta cheese,

100 g black olives,

tablespoon oregano,

cherry tomatoes,

4 tablespoons olive oil,



Rinse the lettuce and the tomatoes, cut them and put them in a bowl with cucumbers, sliced ochishenie. Then add black olives, onion cut into half rings and pieces of feta. Season with oregano, olive oil and salt to taste.

Often the main decoration of the festive table is a delicious layered salad. Despite the fact that the dish is hearty and quite heavy for the stomach, it is very popular with the guests. So these salads were juicy, each component layer liberally coat with sauce. It is believed that the most delicious layered salads in which alternate layers of meat, chicken or fish and vegetables. Perhaps the most common on the holiday table is “Herring under a fur coat”. Each family has its secrets its proper preparation. Traditionally, it is put in layers in the following order: fillets of fatty salted herring, boiled potatoes, diced, chopped onion, chopped boiled eggs, grated boiled carrots and boiled beets. It is not recommended to layer the herring onions — can cause unpleasant metallic taste.

There are original salads on the festive table and for those who don’t like mayonnaise. For example, herring salad and an orange.

Sicilian salad of herring and orange

Ingredients for 4 servings:


Peel and cut into slices oranges. Remove pits and place them in the bowl. Add the chopped herring and season with salt and pepper. Cut the onion in thin strips and add to salad. Sprinkle with finely chopped parsley and serve immediately to the table (pre-cook salad is not recommended, as the orange juice).

On the festive table, you can submit tasty salads from Turkey. Turkey meat is successfully combined with fruit and vegetables, fill a festive salad can be plain vegetable oil, or you can make sauces with herbs and spices that give it a special flair.

Original salads on the holiday table does not have to consist of expensive special products, the main difference between them lies in a beautiful design. Variants of the solemn decoration of cold dishes, there are countless. So, with fresh cucumbers, cheese, olives and tomatoes to garnish the dish in the form of watermelon slices. Tuna salad can be spread in the form of starfish and decorate with thin strips of salted salmon. From canned corn, olives and chips can be arranged in the form of a bright sunflower, and strips of boiled eggs to make daisies.

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