Meat diabetes

Now vegetarianism is more of a fashion statement than a massive passion. Not everyone is ready to change culinary habits: no meat dishes impossible to imagine any holiday table, and foodies and don’t want to give up meat and in everyday life.

But how can we be lovers of delicious meat, if they diagnose such a serious disease like diabetes? Do I have to eat meat or chicken with a crispy crust? Fortunately, it is not, and in General to exclude dense food to the diabetic is not necessary, except that, you will need to learn how to choose the right meat and cook it safely for health.

What kind of meat you can eat with diabetes?

To refuse meat with diabetes should not, and for another reason: the patient in any case should not deprive yourself of wholesome food that represents this product. The exclusion of meat from the diet is fraught with deficiency of essential amino acids from meat proteins and valuable minerals and vitamins.

If a person found diabetes, preference should be given to varieties of meat containing as little fat as possible. It is, above all, poultry, rabbit, veal. The latter should be consumed in moderation, but pork in General is a product that should be cautious. In severe diabetes better fully abandonfrom pork, and in other cases you can choose lean cuts of beef, carefully cleaning them with the remaining fat. To prepare the meat can be whatever you want: meatballs, zrazy, meatballs, sausages.

Chicken and Turkey — without doubt, the top choice of diabetic. Carbs in them, but fats are so small that they will not cause harm to humans. But the protein component is very nutritious, wholesome, and causes the body to work fully. Poultry is easier to digest, but be sure to remove it with sandpaper so as not to lead to an increase in caloric intake.

How much meat you can eat and how to cook it?

Of course, there is meat food in unlimited quantities is strictly prohibited: a weakened body is unable without prejudice to process such a heavy meal. Therefore, diabetics can consume up to 150 grams of meat a day, either to eat cold food every other day (thrice per week).

The methods of cooking food also are applied with certain restrictions. It is better to eat meat boiled, steam, baked. Grilled, smoked meat is banned because of its harm for a diabetic is through the roof. Not combining meat dishes with potatoes, pasta, because the caloric content of this “cocktail” will be very high. Such foods are poorly absorbed by the body of the patient, so to eat it is simply unacceptable. The best option in the preparation of entrees will become the broth, cooked in the second water (first portion of the broth was poured).

How about offal?

Unfortunately, many favorite offal are very fatty foods, so can also fall under the ban. Dishes from beef liver should be eaten occasionally and gradually. The same product from the chicken, the pig is more valuable for diabetics, but in the absence of abuse. But the language as a low-fat product — it is a welcome “guest” at the table of the diabetic because it contains little fat and is very useful.

What to cook meat if you have diabetes?

Most importantly, with regard to food for a diabetic is moderation in all things. This applies to meat dishes that need to dose and do not overeat. The main risk for the patient is the loss of normal tissue reaction to the effects of insulin. It is known that this element is the main accelerator of processing and absorption of carbohydrate-rich food. If you consume large amounts of food with carbohydrates, the glucose in the blood increases, which can cause a number of severe complications.

With that said, the meat in diabetics as heavy food should be consumed so that the dishes are not crossing the border diet, but were also aimed at lowering glucose levels in the body by optimizing absorption of insulin.

What should be the meat diet in diabetes? For example, a great option would be a baked chicken or Turkey that is not laced with fat, but generously “seasoned” vegetables, spices are allowed. This dish is suitable for every day, on a holiday, especially because the toppings can be very diverse.

If you adhere to the basic restrictions, meat dishes can not only diversify the diet of the patient, but also to “deliver” in the body of the nutrients, and also serve as an excellent vehicle for improving your mood diabetic. Not worth it at all exclude meat from the diet, how do you prefer to make some patients. It is better to eat a product in moderation, coming up with new original recipes to make a variety of culinary ideas and to spoil yourself and loved ones!

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