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9 of the most expensive cheese of the world

Good cheese is perfect to complement a good wine or chocolate and some kinds of cheese are always synonymous with good taste. Archaeological data clearly shows the propagation of cheesemaking in year 5500 BC in the region of kuyavia, Poland. By that time, when Rome became the dominant civilization in the world, cheese was an everyday food. After the fall of Rome, cheese making spread throughout Europe. In today’s world there are many different types of cheese: only in the UK with over 700 different local cheeses; France more than 400 famous cheeses.

The first factory for the industrial production of cheese was built in 1815 in Switzerland, since the mass production of cheese became commonplace. Below we will learn about 9 of the most exorbitantly expensive cheese in the world.

Nowhere in the world is cheese so revered in France. The country is famous for its famous cheeses, such as Camembert made in Normandy, brie historic region of brie in France. Cheese is commonly used for pizzas, salads, soups, etc.

1. Dita Beaufort (Beaufort D’ete): $ 35 per half kilogram.

Made in the French Alps, this luxurious cheese is often the preferred choice for fondue lovers because of how well he melts. The cheese paired great with the wine and salmon. It is distinguished by a well-known creamy texture and a light pungent smell. In the production of this cheese for 6-12 months stored in a cool mountain cellar.

Gorau Glas 8: $ 40 per half kilogram.

Cheese originating from a small Welsh farm. Originally Gorau Glas was sold at 27 dollars per kilo, and now the cheese is regularly sold at a price of about $ 40 per pound. Cheese was invented by Margaret Davis on her farm in Anglesey, Wales.

7 Extra Old Bitto: $ 150 per half kilogram.

At a price of around $ 150 per pound, this Italian cheese has been purchased by the importer from Hong Kong in the hope of selling this delicacy in China, despite the fact that the cheese market in Asia not so big as in Europe and North America. 20 kg of this cheese was much older than the typical age of Bitto cheese – it was produced in 1997. That’s why he cost so much. But, as a rule, the Bitto cheese is only sold at the age of ten years.

6 Wyke Farms Vintage: $ 190 per half kg.

In the production of this cheese in it add white truffles and gold leaf, the price soars. Half a kilo of this luxurious lace cheese is worth a staggering $ 190. Wyke Farms has a long history, but it comes from the recipe for world famous cheddar cheese. The cheese producer has won numerous awards.

Clawson Stilton Gold 5: $ 450 for half a kilo.

It’s not the cheese itself is so expensive, rather make it so expensive British Stilton and edible gold leaves, which are included in its recipe. Clawson Stilton Gold was created as a luxurious appetizer for the Christmas season and rich oil sheikhs and famous pop stars were interested in an expensive, gourmet cheese.

4 Elk House: 455 dollars for half a kilo.

Farmers Christer and Ulla Johansson produce the cheese from the milk of moose. Moose produces only 300 kg of milk per year, and the price for a half kilogram of cheese from the milk of moose may be higher than 455 dollars. This unique cheese is served in the restaurant, Algen HUS in Sweden.

Pule 3: $ 600 per half kilogram.

Made from the milk of Balkan donkeys, this Serbian cheese may cost more than $ 600 per half kilogram. A huge role in the high price of this smoked cheese plays a small number of donkeys that can produce the milk needed for cheese, and the difficulty in milking them. Donkeys originate from the Balkan breed of donkeys Zasavica and to date have only 100 donkeys. Needs about 25 liters of donkey milk to make just 1 kg of this cheese.

2 Caciocavallo Podolico: $ 650 per half kilogram.

This Italian cheese is famous for not only its taste, but also high price. This cheese is made from milk very rare breed of cow called Podolica in the region of Campania in southern Italy. In the summer months, herds of cows moved to the mountains to feast on strawberries, blueberries and cherries. This diet gives the cheese an elegant, fruity aroma.

1 cheese plate: 3300 dollars for half a kilo.

Actually, it is not the cheese, and a dish of the most exquisite variety of cheese, which was presented at an agricultural show in Somerset, England. Of course, part of the included meals were the most expensive cheeses in the world: Pule and Wyke Farms Vintage, which was interwoven with gold leaf and French truffles.

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