10 most delicious Thai dishes
1. The first in the top ten most delicious Thai dishes is Tom Yam soup Goong. This is a spicy soup with shrimp and chili paste, lemongrass, alangaram, lime and…

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Recipes meat, hot dishes every day for the whole family
Kebab on the grill Method of preparation: Kebab is not a dish, it's a process! Meat is cut into pieces, the size - not fell into a hole of the…

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Exotic dishes that you will hardly decide to try it

About exotic cuisine, which dares to try not everyone is a foodie, we have already mentioned. Looks like it’s time to complement this list. Moreover, if the last time fried locusts could cause salivation among many, of today’s dishes for a true connoisseur, so if you have lunch or dinner, it is better to postpone the reading of the top for later.

Let’s start with the “Balut”. It is an Eastern dish of eggs, almost out of eggs. In the East generally like to use this product in all sorts of exotic species that the Europeans never dreamed of, in the tea stand, in the limestone. “Balut” is the embryo of a duckling who grew up in the egg. First, eggs are loaded in a special room in the form of the incubator where the eggs Mature until the Chicks won’t appear plumage. And then the delicacy is cooked in water and eat the contents. In Cambodia and Vietnam, this dish is considered a delicacy, Oh, no defenders of nature!

Another dish of Turkic origin, called “Pacha” . it may well be delicious, if you throw some preconceptions. It’s just boiled lamb’s head, cut up the head of the family. Unless someone can scare appearance. By the way, don’t be alarmed if the dish with a similar name will prompt you where nibud Turkey, there is “Pacha”, the same thing that “Hush”, that is, to brew a certain type of meat, like warm jelly and it’s not necessary that this meat will be the head.

About wine from pups much to rant – it makes no sense, because in China alcohol insist on everything – snakes, mice, lizards. just not right, so this is just one of the varieties. These bottles look more like exhibits preserved in alcohol, but they are not for tasting, but for treatment, so sometimes you just have to swallow that type of content, perhaps it will prolong your life or return masculine force?!

Now peremetnetsya to Norway and talk about “Lutefisk” . Actually, interestingly it turns out, that strange exotic dishes you can trace the culinary traditions of a country. With rare and expensive ingredients in the old days hardly anyone would be to experiment, and with the public – please. Especially in times of famine the poor much had no choice, and were used in food, even spoiled food, and taste preferences on this background, deformed. So we can conclude that the exotics listed here may have only residents of the country where the dish was born. But we digress, so what is the basis of Norwegian cooking? I think all guessed that fish, and for “Lutefisk” used cod. It’s simple, immerse the fillets in the lye and observe, until the mixture becomes transparent and studnational – then you can eat. If you dare, because the lye can corrode even silver.

The Mediterranean gave us a lot of cheese, so it is here and could be born extreme product in this area. In Sardinia (now illegal, and in ancient times quite legally) produce a variety of Casu Marzu. In order to prepare taking head of sheep cheese, put it in the holes and left to rot in the sun. Of course, cheese flies I miss and lay the cheese in the eggs. All, we can only wait until larvae hatch out and the cheese will begin to ooze fluid – Bon appetit! Just do not forget about safety – the larvae are very Jumpy, and when used need to cover the eye hand, and after meals it is better to drink a remedy for worms. Overall, foodies who have managed to try this delicacy, recommend!

In Mexico you can enjoy “Escamoles” is the eggs of a giant poisonous ants living on ahavah. The taste is sort of reminiscent of cottage cheese, if seasoning sauce, it is quite edible. Though not cheap, as they are difficult to collect. But it is useful, so if you are in Mexico, worth a try, after all it is somewhat more attractive than live larvae.

Dietary live octopus you can try in Korea. Here at the entrance to some restaurants have aquariums with live clams. Select any you liked, and you it is served cut into pieces. Also this dish is traditionally served with “kimchi” cabbage, so spice if you combine these two delicacies, enough. Just do not rush to turn up the nose, sushi is already marches around the world, and their fans happily consume and sashimi (slices of raw fish, they are eaten dipped in soy sauce), so that soon, perhaps many will begin to look and live octopus in conventional supermarkets. So come and exotic dishes to our table, “little by little” from taste to taste.

Again returned their attention to Cambodia. In the town of Skuon serves from the poisonous tarantula, although not surprising, as in other areas of this and surrounding countries are preparing a variety of other insects and arthropods that live nearby. Nothing particularly exotic, just the shell of a fairly large spider (the size of the palm of an adult male) roast on charcoal with salt and garlic. It turns out delicious, crisp and satisfying, due to the high content of proteins. On the remains from the spider (poisonous fangs, feet and abdomen) make another tincture. This is a classic.

About crickets, caterpillars, ants, larvae, bees, bedbugs, Scorpions, tarantulas and grasshoppers, was not considered necessary to describe in detail, can only hold nasty statistics: It is estimated that over the…

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