Meat dish
There is this interesting dish is called meat of the slot. This elegant and succulent meat dish originally invented for a children's party. It contains diet chicken and healthy vegetables.…

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National cuisine of Malta
In Malta, on Gozo island, seven long years languished crafty Odysseus is held captive by the nymph Calypso. It is impossible to say with any certainty what exactly she treated…

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The fastest and light snacks

The fastest and snacks, of course, are salads fruits and vegetables, because, first, their preparation is spent much less time (no need to boil, simmer, fry, etc.) and, secondly, such food is always fresh and many of them are perfectly satisfy hunger. We will note several advantages of these snacks:

vegetables and fruits carry the vitamins

vegetables and fruits are always low-calorie and easily digestible

vegetables and fruits are easy to prepare, and well blended (ingredients)

vegetables and fruits are suitable even for people who sit on a diet

The quick snacks of vegetables are snacks of cucumbers, tomatoes, asparagus, peppers, beans, greens. These vegetables are easily cut and combined, depending on preference. You can make a light salad (a must, of course, add seasonings, sour cream, mayonnaise, butter (to taste).

Here is an example of quick snacks of vegetables: salad cucumber, tomato, pepper, radish and cheese.

Ingredients for salad:

cucumbers (1-2 pieces)

tomatoes (1-2 units)

radish (4 pieces)

100 gr. cheese(torgovogo)

salt, pepper (to taste)

Preparation:First cut the cheese into oblong cubes (cubes). Then each piece of cheese attached one or more types of vegetables, cut into very thin slices or slices. Small radish and tomatoes can be attached to cheese and whole (like berries). Vegetables sprinkle with salt, if using mild cheeses and pepper. After that you can bring to the table.

The fastest and snacks of fruit are apples, bananas, pears, oranges, peaches. These fruits are sold in shops all year round, they are always very juicy, increases appetite and mood. Fruit snacks go well with yogurt, ice cream. the sweet sauces. These snacks are perfect for desserts.

Example fruit snacks canapés.


tangerines (2 PCs.)

bananas(1 banana)

grapes (200 g)

apples (1-2 PCs.)

cheese (200 gr)


Cut into thin slices. Cleans the skin of an Apple, remove the core and seeds, cut into small cubes. Peeled tangerines are divided into separate segments. Grapes separated from stems (without seeds). Cleaned the banana and cut into rings. Take wooden skewers and place them in the following order our products: one grape, one piece tangerine, one slice Apple, one slice of banana and a square of cheese. Better to cook them directly in front of the Desk to Mandarin slices do not dry, otherwise it will be tasteless.

The quick and easy snacks vegetables and fruit always decorate the table. And at the same time are tasty and healthy snacks.

The fastest and snacks of cured ham, smoked meat, fish

The most nutritious and the most delicious snacks, of course, are “cold meals” of meat and fish. If most of the ingredients are store-bought, your task remains only to dish to make beautiful and properly cut. So, let’s consider an example of a light snack of ham and of gherkins.


ham (200 gr)

processed cheese 100 gr. (liquid)

gherkins (5-6 PCs)


To begin, cut ham slices. Grease each slice of ham with melted cheese on one side. Inside lay a gherkin and wrap a slice of ham. Then cut the resulting “loaf” into slices (thickness up to you). Put nicely on a plate and served to the table.

The fastest and snacks from sweets and culinary baking

These snacks are most often bought in the shops and cooking. These are snacks like biscuits, muffins, cakes, tarts and many other pastries. Such snacks do not need to prepare and you can safely go about their business. Cakes satisfy hunger. But you need to remember about the cons of these fast snacks. Cooking pastries is almost always high in calories. Not recommended for cooking cakes is “dry” – it negatively affects the process of digestion in the stomach. Don’t get too much to take such food, because saturation occurs quickly and do not want to eat the main dishes. Most quick snacks from the sweets is candy, marmalade. marshmallows. the halva. chocolate. candy etc These quick meals must be consumed with caution. The main thing – to know the measure, be sure to drink fluid to give to children in doses.

The fastest and snacks from the sweets and pastries have a lot of disadvantages, so be sure to monitor how much you ate and whenever possible, keep these snacks for dessert.

Admission snacks

I want to highlight several important points:

all snacks should be fresh

all portions of snacks should be small so as not to spoil my appetite before the main menu

snacks should be sliced or tiled, so that you can have without a knife

for appetizers served any liquid: beverages, tea, coffee, etc.

it is advisable to take snacks 20 minutes before meals or as a dessert after the main reception food.

And remember, snacks should complement the table, but is not the “main” dishes. If you follow these basic rules, your lunch will be a useful and delicious.

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