Simple salads for every day
Simple salad recipes to whip up Delicious, healthy and light salads — a welcome dish for any meal. Having won millions of hearts all over the world, they were and…

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Winter salad: recipe classic
How to cook winter salad recipe classic How to make winter salad: a recipe, ingredients Winter salad is often linked in people's minds with the Christmas feast, this is largely…

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Courgettes stuffed with meat in the oven

Miracle boats from the oven: zucchini stuffed with meat

Sure zucchini stuffed with meat, baked in the oven until Golden brown, will not leave indifferent any “meat”. The idea is to add in minced meat and vegetables. This technique will help to improve or maintain the health of a person, often a loving to eat meat. But why is it important to “dilute” the meat with vegetables?

Combining meat with vegetables, we reduce the amount of meat servings and variety to your table, making it more healthy and tasty, more on that after the recipe.

Recipe zucchini with vegetables you will find in the article “Zucchini stuffed with vegetables”. And on this page I present the zucchini stuffed with meat and vegetable mixture.

Zucchini stuffed with meat. Method of preparation:

Rinse zucchini zucchini, cut in half in length and remove the core. Crust with zucchini not cut, after baking it will become soft and delicious.

The core of the zucchini will go in the case. Chop finely, add to it the chopped vegetables. For vegetable fillings, I use 3 types of onions: leek, green onion and onion, and in addition – grated carrots.

Read more about the advantages of this onion mixture and its impact on health can be found in the material “Onion and carrot Symphony solo” .

For zucchini meat pre-grind in a meat grinder, Smeets chopped clove of garlic, salt sea or Himalayan salt and then combine with vegetable mixture. Tightly compact the ingredients, making sure the vegetables in the filling was higher than that of minced meat. Fill this mixture into our “boats-zucchini” and put them bake in the oven.

Courgettes stuffed with meat in the oven you can cover it with slices of tomato, this will help the filling during baking to retain juiciness. Keep in mind that the temperature in the oven should first be about 150 – 180 degrees, then the meat will have time to baked through and the vegetables will not burn and will not dry up. Then it can be increased to gain our zucchini is Golden brown.

Why “dilute” the meat with vegetables?

One of the values of the dishes on offer – the opportunity to reduce the risk of cancer among those people who are addicted to the frequent use of animal food. Alas, the threat to “meat eaters” is much higher than in vegetarians and admirers of fish dishes.

And this is connected not only with the quality of the meat that is sold in our stores. It is no secret that animals are fed throughout the various hormonal supplements for fast muscle growth, fed antibiotics. Accordingly, products are with a “bouquet” of hormonal additives and antibiotics. But not only it’s dangerous! Scientists have conclusively proven that a potent stimulator of cancer he is animal protein! This refutes previous dogma – eat meat and be healthy. But not everyone is ready to believe and change your diet.

Even the frequency of eating meat affects the risk of developing. So, during observations in the U.S. over 90,000 people found that those who every day would eat about 90 g of meat, the risk was more than double that of those who ate meat 2-3 times a week.

So actively add to meat dishes home cooked vegetables and whole grains. The taste and appearance of dishes will benefit from this. Due to this substitution you will reduce the amount of meat in the portions and reduce the risks.

It is desirable that animal protein was in your diet not more than 10 % of the total protein consumed. In other words – 90 % of the protein you get from plant foods (nuts, legumes, grains, greens), and 10 % from animal. Agree, a severe limitation for those who think meat is the only decent food and an example of healthy eating!

By the way, combining in one dish meat and vegetables you can harmonize the acid-alkaline balance in the body. Meat is one of those products that oxidise the blood, which provokes inflammation. The meat, combined with vegetables, the oxidation effect is reduced.

So feel free to take into service a combination of meat and vegetable components. Health and wellbeing will only improve.

Winter salad: recipe classic
How to cook winter salad recipe classic How to make winter salad: a recipe, ingredients Winter salad is often linked in people's minds with the Christmas feast, this is largely…

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