The strangest meals of the world
Each country has traditional food in England is fish and chips, Spanish paella, Italy is lasagna. However, in some countries, people indulge in much more unusual delicacies. Take a look…

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Meatballs of ground beef in tomato sauce These meatballs can be served with any garnish. Meat sticks in a delicate breading Minced meat sticks are much more interesting to taste…

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The most bizarre and shocking dishes from around the world

One of the most memorable and vivid emotions while traveling are offered the national dish, but a truly memorable and sometimes shocking experiences you will get if you will taste exotic dishes. I represent to your attention a selection of the most unusual dishes from around the world.

Africa. One of the most popular African dishes, made with ancient times according to ancient traditions it is made with meat gorilla.

Cambodia. In the seventies of last century, when refugees were hiding in the forest, people may eat everything just to survive. Over time, they found that swankie spiders have a high nutritional value, which actively include them in your diet. Spiders with fried crust are tasty tender meat. Tarantulas have become popular before that environmentalists began to fear the complete disappearance of this spider population.

Korea. A tasty dish for Koreans it worms silkworms served in stewed, fried or boiled. According to many foodies, the dish just looks unappetizing and disgusting, but actually very tasty and delicious.

Iceland. In a shocking and somewhat disgusting national Icelandic delicacy – Hakarl is a shark meat that there are two kinds of rotten stomach or muscle tissue.

France. In many countries, including the French city,during the preparation of exotic dishes are the ants, and some of them grow pretty large size. You can sample these insects in various types, clarach, supplements and even drenched in delicious chocolate.

America. Here you can offer a sandwich with the brains of cows, while many States banned the delicacy in connection with the epidemic of rabies in this animal. According to consumers, a sandwich stuffed with cow brains has a sweet delicate sweet taste.

Asia. The Romans claimed that the food from rats, this the most tasty and delicious dishes. Today almost all cuisines of the world there are exotic recipes with these rodents, prepared in different kinds.

South-East Asia. Here is a very specific and vile popular dish is balut, which is formed in duck egg embryo with feathers, beak and Hradcany. Despite the fact that consumer must have great endurance, and nerves of the vestibular system to clear the germ from the shell and then eat it, the dish is quite popular among the peoples living on the territory of South-East Asia. In the Philippines balut and does actively include men in diet, as an excellent aphrodisiac.

No less popular specialties are dishes with blood, sometimes mixed with fresh milk cows. Served with the giblets of ducks or pigs.

China. Exotic popular dish hasma is made from frog fallopian tubes, according to consumers, it is finest preventive measure in diseases of the lungs and kidneys.

Japan. The inhabitants of this charming country just loved the tuna and utilizes the various parts of this fish, from which almost every supermarket has a separate rack full of tuna. But the most popular, exotic, tasty and delicious dish that’s large eyeballs of the fish that served mostly fried with soy sauce and white rice.

Another delicious Japanese dish with milk serves cod semen – shirako. Slippery delicacy soft white color has an unusual spicy delicious taste.

Also in Japanese stores, you can buy a pack of biscuits for two dollars with wasps. First, insects are boiled, dried, and then mixed with dough and baked.

South Korea. Really delicious and in a certain amount of dangerous delicacy is the dish of live octopus. At the time of filing the tentacles continue to move and stick to the tongue and throat. Usually mussels are served seasoned with sesame oil, and the cut part is actively reduced and move. The danger of this dish is that the tentacles can block the oxygen path to the consumer and cause suffocation.

Scotland. Exquisite traditional tasty dish is sheep’s stomach filled with minced heart, lungs and liver of this animal.

UK. Unusual ice cream with liquid nitrogen. The dessert is prepared as follows – taken some kind of mixture, pour half liters of nitrogen in the liquid state and vigorously until total solidification.

The most bizarre and shocking dishes from around the world
One of the most memorable and vivid emotions while traveling are offered the national dish, but a truly memorable and sometimes shocking experiences you will get if you will taste…

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