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Exotic countries and not only Archive What to try in China?

What to try in China?

Cuisine of China – a special part of the culture of the state, which, undoubtedly, will be appreciated by the lovers of cooking. The national dish of China excite its originality, great taste, variety and unconventional design.

Chinese culinary history combines a variety of dishes typical for different regions of China, sometimes located in very different climatic conditions. The climate determines and culinary traditions, and a set of products that provides a variety choice of food. Almost all provinces offer their own unique delights, but conventionally China easier be divided into four major culinary regions: Beijing, Sichuan, Shanghai and Canton.

We present some of the most popular dishes that can be enjoyed in this amazing country:

Pork in sweet and sour sauce

Perhaps this dish is supposed to lead the list of the most famous dishes of China. It perfectly combines sour and sweet, and because before that dish well, no way to resist. Piquant taste of the dish gets its original, rich components of the sauce.

Chicken “Gunbao”

This dish is known all over the world. Prepared chicken fillet is dipped in a mixture of eggs and starch solution, and then fried in deep fat until Golden brown. On a small amount of fat is roasted green peas, onion, ginger,sugar, salt, rice wine and soy sauce. To this mixture is added filet and chicken fat and lard.

“MAPO tofu”

“MAPO tofu” are small cubes of tofu, stewed in a sauce with various spices and meat fillets. One of the best views of this dish is prepared in Sichuan. “MAPO tofu” like many Europeans for its pungent taste.

This is the kind of dumplings that are steamed, boiled or fried in vegetable oil. For cooking you can buy ready-made dough, but you can prepare the dough yourself. Mold them in different ways, for example, tightly connect the edges of the dough, either left open, giving wantone type of pitcher. The filling for the wonton can be made from chicken, pork, shrimp, cabbage or mushrooms. You can also cook the sweet wonton, if to fill them with fruits. The wonton is like a small meatballs, so often they are served with broth, which is usually eaten only after the dumplings.


Tszyaotszy is another kind of Chinese dumplings. In China even there is a proverb: “Nothing beats tszyaotszy”. Such a fame is largely due to the possibility of using in the process of cooking a variety of fillings.

Egg rolls

This dish is also widely known among the foreigners and is a variety of fresh vegetables in the shell from the dough, before frying they are dipped in egg.

Fried noodle “Chow MIAN”

Fried noodles, or as it is called “Chow MIAN”, has long ranked highly among the most famous of Chinese dishes. There are over a thousand types of this dish. The noodles are fried together with slices of meat and different vegetables. The ingredients of the mixture are different and depend on the region in which they are prepared.

Peking duck

Is sounding in Chinese cooking dish very much as the Chinese and Europeans. Peking duck, covered with a Golden crust, has quite a rich history.

The most important Chinese drink is green tea, which is customary to drink very hot and almost without adding sugar. There are many varieties of green tea grown in the provinces, each of them is unique. But the black quality leaf tea drink only a national minority. Chinese tea ceremony is called “gung fu cha”, and according to the complexity of the ritual can compete with the famous Japanese.

Vodka in China is a famous and traditional drink, but it is usually insist using different ingredients. It is unusual in taste and has a peculiar smell, although quite strong. In addition to vodka is widely distributed in China light and strong rice beer. It is quite acceptable for the price, but quality. The best Beers are considered “Qingdao” and “sin”.

Finally it should be said that in China, as is known, it is customary to eat with chopsticks, but in Your request you will bring the Cutlery. Get acquainted with the cuisine of this country on holiday, visit restaurants that have a special license and permit services for foreign tourists. It always hangs in the most conspicuous location and written in English.

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