National cuisine of Malta
In Malta, on Gozo island, seven long years languished crafty Odysseus is held captive by the nymph Calypso. It is impossible to say with any certainty what exactly she treated…

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Shepherd s Pie - recipe-meat pie
Shepherd's pie (Shepherd's Pie) is a traditional English dish. However, for their ease of preparation, availability of products and wonderful taste, it became popular in countries such as USA, Australia,…

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Extreme cuisine

There were times when, for us, unusual specialties were pizza and rolls. In the kitchens of various countries and peoples you can find many more exotic dishes that will impress if not taste, then our imagination.Although, for those countries where they were invented, it is quite normal food, even a delicacy.

What can offer hospitable hosts from the “special dishes”?

1.Sandwich with fried brains

The birthplace of the fried brain sandwich is Indiana (USA). Classically, the delicacy prepared from cow brains. Recently bovine brain was replaced by pork.

2. Rocky mountain oysters (bull testicles)

Rocky mountain oysters they’re bull testicles, they’re calf fries, Prairie oysters, cowboy caviar, and Montana tenderloin. Actually, the dish has so many names it’s the testicles of a young bull, which are removed in the process of branding a calf, the bull was less aggressive and grow more fat.

After removal, the eggs soaked in water, washed, cleaned and fried in batter. In some regions of the American West and Canada, where farmers have been breeding cattle, are special festivals dedicated to the culinary treatment of the testicles of a young steer. Those who have tried it assert that delicious delicacy.

3. Khash (cow leg, head and stomach)

Khash is a traditional middle Eastern dish, the ingredients of which are cow head, leg and stomach. They are cooked in fat, not very nice (understatement)smelling broth. Brought to boil, seasoned with special spices, salt, lemon, pepper and garlic. Khash is cooked only on holidays.

In the old days the dish was considered a delicacy and allow yourself to enjoy it could only very rich people.

4. A-ping (fried tarantula)

A-ping— a fried spider. The most common, traditional dish for the 1960’s, when Cambodia was devastated by the Khmer Rouge. Food is desperately short, people in order to survive, had to become more creative, and Sony has created a-ping.

In our time, a-ping is a popular dish sold on the streets: the dead, specially selected spiders roll in mixture of sugar and salt with addition of sodium glutamate and then fry in garlic butter until crisp. The taste and the ping is described by many as a rather soft but with a firm and crispy crust.

Fans of extreme a-ping believe that the best part is the abdomen, containing a brown paste of excrement, eggs and organs of a spider.

5. Haggis

Haggis — Scottish national dish, a large spherical sausage made from sheep lungs, heart and liver, mixed with oatmeal. beef and strongly seasoned. The resulting mixture is placed in a sheep’s stomach and boiled.

Some restaurants in Scotland supply of Haggis — a national ceremonial. Often, the Haggis is served to the accompaniment of pipers. Traditionally, before proceeding to the dish, you need to toast.

6. Fish Yin Yang

Fish Yin-Yang, also known as alive or dead a fish is roasted alive carp, fry and it should be so that on the plate it was cooked, but still breathable. The dish is quite cruel. Imagine, while eating you can see how the fish opens and closes his mouth, catching the air.

Currently have to spend a lot of time to find a restaurant that can cook a carp in this way. Fish Yin-Yang are prohibited in the restaurants of Taiwan, although the menu some unscrupulous eateries in China, is preparing still.

7. Eye tuna

Eye tuna – a dish prepared from the intact eyeballs of tuna. On the surface it is just “Gy!” Eye tuna sold in retail grocery stores of China and Japan: a giant eye surrounded by fat and meat. By the way, people with a weak stomach, eye tuna is contraindicated. Fans eye tuna raves about them and compare their texture and taste to squid.

According to Japanese palates, eye tuna is one of Carpathian region of sea delicacies.

Solidarity with Japanese and Chinese, they also serve boiled eye tuna, and the dish is not cheap.

8. Eggs escamole

Eggs escamole — ant larvae collected from the roots of agave, which resemble pine nuts or corn. Very tasty dish that is obligatory on the menu of many Mexican restaurants. This dish can be cooked in different ways — fried or served as a side dish to omelets and tacos.

9. The bird’s nest soup

This Chinese soup is a real Asian delicacy and can be eaten in some restaurants for 30-100 dollars per serving.

Kilogram of bird’s nest costs about 2 thousand dollars. Actually this soup is made from bird saliva duct, from which the birds mainly consist of their nests. The nest is dissolved in water, the soup reminds me a little jelly.

Salangane build their nests in caves, and do it the male birds. For the construction of a nest takes about 35 days. Birds weave the threads of their saliva in the form of a bowl. The dish has a positive effect on human health, helps to treat asthma, increases libido, strengthens the immune system.

10. Drunken shrimp

Drunken shrimp – a Chinese delicacy in which live shrimp, paralyzed by the mixture of liquors. Prescription to stun the shrimps use Chinese liquor baytszyu. The taste of this dish say it tastes like regular shrimp, but with coarser, rich taste and strong aftertaste

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