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9 of the most expensive cheese of the world
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The most delicious cheeses in the world

Soft and very soft cheese, similar to cottage cheese, are poorly drained in the process of making practical and not pressed.

Ricotta – soft cheese white. It is perfectly combined with vegetables and fruit, honey and pasta, ham and salmon. Calories: 100 g on average contains about 174 Calories.

Mozzarella cheese from water Buffalo milk. White cheese balls are the perfect flavor composition with tomatoes, Basil and olive oil. You can add more black pepper. Calories: 100 g contains on average about 250 Kcal.

Feta is a Greek cheese. Its distinctly salty taste not to confuse with the others. The most popular use of feta is in a Greek salad. This cheese goes well with olives, tomatoes, sweet peppers, spinach. Calories: 100 g contains on average about 260 Calories.

Mascarpone is an Italian cream cheese that is ivory with a rich taste similar to cream and yogurt. Tiramisu is made from

Mascarpone – sweet and melting on the tongue. Calories: 100 g contains on average about 453 Calories.

2) Uncooked pressed cheeses

Cheeses with a hard crust and a dense yellow filling. These cheeses Mature within one year, over time, intensifying the aroma.

Maasdam cheese sladkovatam taste, with large holes. Sweet-nutty flavor of Maasdam goes well with strawberries, grapes, walnuts. Calories: 100 g on average contains about 346 Calories.

Gouda is a Dutch yellow cheese. The cheese Matures for a year, changing the taste and gaining more pungent aroma. Goes well with fresh fruit, crackers. Smoked Gouda is a variant excellent snack to beer. Calories: 100 g contains on average about 365 Calories.

3) Cooked, pressed cheeses

Large cheese with a light crust.

Parmesan – firm, fragile, sharp on taste. It should be cut into thin slices, and is – with pears and walnuts. Parmesan is added to pasta, risotto, omelets and many other dishes, pre-rubbed. Calories: 100 g on average contains about 392 Calories.

Emmental and Gruy – traditional Swiss cheeses. Spicy to the taste, they are often used in the preparation of fondue. Emmental calories in 100 g on average contains about 373 Calories. Gruye calories: 100 g contains on average about 396 Calories.

4) Soft cheeses with moldy crust

Bree is an ancient French cheese. Cheese of kings. Taste it, depending on the variety and timing of aging varies from mushroom to the fruit. Fruit and brie – the best combination. Calories: 100 g contains on average about 330 Calories.

Camembert – soft cheese made from cow’s milk. Brie and Camembert are similar, but brie is a little less fatty. Feeding these cheeses on the table, we ought to take them out of the fridge about an hour before guests arrive. They love room temperature, and the cold can kill their natural tenderness. Calories: 100 g contains on average about 300 Calories.

5) Soft cheeses with washed rind

The taste of these cheeses ranges from very mild to severe. They are salty, but the crust of these cheeses has a reddish hue.

Munster cheese with a pungent smell and sharp taste. Goes well with strong spicy wines. For example Chianti, or Tokaj Pinot Gris. France is a very popular boiled potatoes bathed in melted Muenster cheese. Also the cheese used as filling for pies or as part of a variety of salads. Calories: 100 g contains on average about 292 Calories.

Marual – Golden, fragrant cheese. This type of cheese is one of the most famous and favorite in the world of soft cheeses. Marual usually has a square shape, which is very convenient for sandwiches. The taste of this cheese is quite pungent and sharp, you can feel the taste of fermented fruit, so the smell of cheese is quite special. Combined with tart wine, this cheese turns into a delicious delicacy. Calories: 100 g contains on average around 450 Calories.

6) Blue cheese

Roquefort – the famous French cheese with mold. It can be recognized by its blue green proselkam and bright aroma. All people in the world are divided into those who don’t understand how you can have it, and those who are imbued with a spicy, sharp taste and he will never change. Roquefort is combined with wines: Cahors, Sauternes, Porto. Calories: 100 g on average contains about 335 Calories.

DorBlu – German blue cheese. Is it better with nuts and grapes. If You eat several varieties of cheese at the same time. This variety is better to leave in the end (the finish will be long and the cheese better “reveal” your taste). Calories: 100 g contains on average about 354 Calories.

Gorgonzola (Gorgonzola) — one of the most famous Italian cheeses, different characteristic tangy taste. The cheese is of two types: Dolce and Picante. Gorgonzola Dolce is better combined with a dry white wine. With Gorgonzola Picante is usually used dry red wine. This cheese adds flavor to desserts, sauces, salads and hot dishes. Calories: 100 g contains on average about 310 Kcal.

7) Processed cheese

Real melted cheese not the lowest level of the cheese. There are processed cheese, which is considered to be true delicacies.

Schabziger is a Swiss processed cheese made from cow’s milk with the addition of clover. It has a earthy salty-sour taste and is not only suitable for spreading on a sandwich, but also for use as a thick sauce. Calories: 100 g contains on average about 137 Calories.

Saint-Julien is very famous, delicious melted cheese, covered with hazelnuts. Perfect dessert, especially in harmony with rich red sweet wines.

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