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Marinating cabbage hot: fast cooking tasty snacks

Sauerkraut or pickled cabbage is familiar to all. But this is not the only way of cooking delicious meals from this vegetable. For those who don’t want to wait, when the cabbage will sachsida, or prefer a more savoury, a good option would be pickled cabbage. Marinating cabbage hot is a simple way to quickly prepare a great snack.

Features of the method

Crispy aromatic spicy cabbage – a great snack for strong drinks. It is good and in the beginning of the meal – my appetite. And as an accompaniment to fatty meats pickled cabbage is simply irreplaceable: it contained the acid helps to digest heavy fatty foods, relieves unpleasant symptoms after eating.

Mistresses appreciate pickled cabbage for quick cooking. No need to wait for weeks when dish will sachsida, there is no need to constantly monitor the sauerkraut, not moldy. Pickled cabbage cooks very quickly and tastes almost as good as the cabbage cooked by traditional methods. According to other foodies, she even tastier – juicy, with a rich taste and appetizing aroma.

To prepare the pickled cabbage use vinegar or vinegar essence. These will sostavlyayuschaya food a characteristic sour taste. It is a vinegar distinguished by marinating cabbage from all other methods of cooking this vegetable.

The taste of the thus prepared cabbage depends on what spices are added to the vegetables. Spices can be used in any and all combinations – fantasy hostess limited only by its taste. Traditional garlic with no less than a traditional dill, different kinds of peppers Kinds of peppers from hot to mild . ginger, cloves, cinnamon, caraway – cabbage different additives will have different taste.

In addition to the spices you can add to the cabbage and various vegetables. It can be carrots and celery Celery: a vegetable with obvious advantages . sweet pepper and beet, spicy horseradish Horseradish: vigorous roots and even mushrooms. And the cabbage you can use for marinating different – not just ordinary green, but red. In the latter case will be very spectacular appetizer: bright purple color. To prepare appetizers in Korean often use cabbage.

As for fermentation, for pickling the cabbage must first be crushed. You can slice it thin (or wide, if you want the appetizer came out very crispy) strips or cut into small squares – the choice for the chef. The main thing is that all the pieces of cabbage were the same size, then they will fish to marinate at the same time, and the dish will turn out with a harmonious taste.

Beets and carrots cut thin strips, you can use a large grater. Root celery cut thin slices or strips. Garlic cut plastics or thin slices. Horseradish rubbed on a small grater or mince. Mushrooms cut in pieces the same size and boil until tender.

The most important thing in pickled cabbage is, of course, the marinade. It is prepared from water, vinegar (vinegar), salt, sugar and spices. Depending on the ratio of these ingredients changes the taste of the marinade and, accordingly, the taste of the dish.

Cabbage in Georgian

Appetizer beautiful saturated pink with a salty-sour taste, without the extra sweets. 3-4 pounds of cabbage should take one medium size beetroot, 2 carrots, a clove of garlic and the bunch of greens (ideal celery). Cabbage cut into squares, beet and carrot into thin strips, garlic – thin slices.

The marinade is made from three liters of water 8-9 tbsp salt, Cup sugar, 50 grams of vinegar, with the addition of Bay leaf, black pepper and allspice pepper and red hot pepper. Water with added salt, sugar and spices you need to bring to the boil, put the vinegar, boil for a minute. Let the brine stand for 10 minutes and pour it over the cabbage.

Cabbage into the jars tightly compacted, each layer of cabbage interspersed with other vegetables. The top should be beets. Pour vegetables with marinade and we chill. After that, banks should put in the fridge for a day and flavorful snack ready.

Pickled cabbage with mushrooms

Very hearty and tasty snacks, which is suitable not only for ordinary but for a celebratory dinner. Mushrooms is better to use a small size. Perfect mushrooms, ryadovki, mushrooms, boletus, Russula or white.

2 kg of cabbage take 2 kg pre-cooked mushrooms, onions and kilos of carrots, 0.5 liters of vegetable oil, 300 ml vinegar, 3 tablespoons salt and 6 tablespoons sugar. You need cabbage to chop straws, carrot grate, onion cut into thin half-rings. First, you must fry in butter carrots with the onion until soft. Then to the vegetables add the cabbage and pre-cooked mushrooms. All together simmer for about half an hour adding the remaining oil, and 10 minutes before end of cooking pour the vinegar.

Hot-finished cabbage should be spread on banks, clogging and allow to cool. To keep this snack can only be in the refrigerator for up to two months.

Medical opinion

If sauerkraut doctors compose these odes, pickled cabbage the more cool. Marinating is not the most healthy cooking method because it involves adding vinegar. In some diseases, for example, with peptic ulcer from spicy pickled cabbage will have to give up for medical reasons.

Healthy people, however, eat pickled cabbage without any harm. Of course, you should not consume this snack kilos, but in a small amount of cabbage will benefit. This low-fat, low-calorie snack that contain a large amount of useful fiber are a wonderful choice for those who want to lose weight. Salad of pickled cabbage makes a wonderful side dish to meat dishes, especially oily, will help to avoid heaviness in the stomach after eating.

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