Shepherd s Pie - recipe-meat pie
Shepherd's pie (Shepherd's Pie) is a traditional English dish. However, for their ease of preparation, availability of products and wonderful taste, it became popular in countries such as USA, Australia,…

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National cuisine of Malta
In Malta, on Gozo island, seven long years languished crafty Odysseus is held captive by the nymph Calypso. It is impossible to say with any certainty what exactly she treated…

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The most expensive dishes in the world – Tasty menu

Knowing, how much are the most expensive dishes in the world will definitely be surprised at the generosity of the rich, bordering on insanity, with which they lay out a tidy sum for some treats.

To claim that these treats have the delicious taste you can’t, because one like the desserts and other delights carpaccio of raw meat, and still others in awe of the gifts from the sea.

We all have different tastes, so the price of the most expensive dishes influenced not so much their taste, how much the difficulty of obtaining ingredients, their uniqueness among peers and prestige.

Let’s take a closer look at what constitutes the most expensive dishes in the world.

1. The white truffle. which grows in the Northern part of Italy, can be enjoyed only in the most prestigious restaurants in the world.

Each mushroom is unique commodities that are sold with auctions.

Once one of the owners of the gaming business paid for one and a half pounds of the delicacy a record amount of 330 000$!

2. Caviar has always been considered a prestigious treat.

At the festive table, you can often find dishes of caviar of sturgeon or salmon red caviar. Along with flying fish ROE tobiko it is often added to sushi rolls.

But despite the taste of the aforementioned caviar, the most expensive in the world is the Beluga caviar of fish the albino, which has bright hue and is packaged in an elegant jar of gold.

With the age of fish price of eggs is only increasing, improving its palatability.

They say that this delights you can taste only in one of the London restaurants where 100g delicacy cost about 2000$.

3. Can be expensive dumplings.

Certainly, I doubt, even given the fact that the toppings we will use meat that is environmentally friendly farm products.

However, the new York restaurant “Golden Gates” only eight pieces of dumplings original blue-green color you will require as much as 2400$!

The unusual dish has shade for part of the dumplings cancer fish torch (glowing anchovy). In spite of the legend about the incredible glow of dumplings. skeptics argue that this is impossible because the iron without the anchovy will not glow.

Except for small fish in the recipe is the salmon, the meat choice of beef and pork.

4. The most expensive spice in the world saffron is recognized as representing small stamens of a flower of the Iris family.

In addition, saffron is a valuable food dye yellow, in the times of Ancient Greece and the middle Ages they effectively illustrated the manuscript.

The main determinant of prices of saffron is manual work at all stages of its production.

Just imagine, kilogram of spices need to be processed almost half a million stamens!

It is not surprising that this quantity of saffron costs about 6000$.

5. Chocolate, coffee and tea have become familiar ingredients in our menu.

But this is hardly dark chocolate, 453 gram will be required to pay 2600$ or coffee with 400$ per kilogram.

This chocolate with the addition of the black truffle is made exclusively from natural products, for example, 70% cacao “Valrhona”. Its shelf life is limited, and to try exotic only in the USA (Connecticut), it is not produced for export.

When the fruit is regular coffee just is collected before further processing, to produce the most expensive coffee in the world “Kopi Luwak” …attract Asian palm squirrel.

This pet loves to feast on fresh fruits coffee, passing through the gastrointestinal tract of an animal, the grain is not digested, but are exposed to enzymes that, in the opinion of the connoisseurs of this drink gives great flavor.

And what did not happen!

This relic can be called tea “da Hong PAO”, until recently it was collected from six shrubs of the ancients, whose age was 350 years.

The price per kilogram of tea reached legendary 685000$ and an annual fee is not exceed 1/2 kg!

Since 2006, the remaining harvest valuable “da Hong PAO” is in the custody of the Chinese National tea Museum, a further collection of tea with the old bushes is prohibited.

However, the opportunity to try tea “da Hong PAO” among our contemporaries, there is, due to the fact that in the late 19th century mother bushes were propagated vegetatively.

Despite the fact that this tea has the same name, belongs to the Oolong and has an intense flavor. experts say that it cannot be equated with the primordial “da Hong PAO”.

Needless to say, nice to live not forbid and the most expensive dishes — a clear confirmation!

The most expensive food in the world
Saffron, a spice derived from the saffron flower. Price from 1100$ to 11000$ per kilogram. Beluga caviar, the average price of $ 5000 per kilogram. The white truffle. The mushrooms…

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