National cuisine of Malta
In Malta, on Gozo island, seven long years languished crafty Odysseus is held captive by the nymph Calypso. It is impossible to say with any certainty what exactly she treated…

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Salad recipes
Salad with cucumber and cheese Ingredients: 2 fresh cucumber, 300 g of Dutch cheese, 4-5 eggs, 1 tablespoon of sour cream, 1-2 tablespoons mayonnaise, dill, salt to taste. Cucumbers wash,…

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Top 10 most delicious desserts in the world

Each country is famous for some of their national dish: borscht in Russia, pizza in Italy, shpikachki in the Czech Republic, paella in Spain. Besides the main dishes there are still dishes and dessert, which are also completely different in different countries.

Today we will tell you about 10 most delicious sweet dishes in the world.

Gulab Jamun (India)

The main ingredients for this dish are flour, milk, some raisins and pistachios and corn oil. The kneaded dough is divided into small balls, which will increase in size directly in the cooking process. Gulab Jamun even somewhat reminiscent of doughnuts, except that instead of being sprinkled with powdered sugar, this dessert is immersed in a special sweet syrup.

The taste of the syrup is different depending on what part of the country you are. Some States prefer saffron, some citrus juice and some rose water. Immersed in the syrup the dessert is usually left overnight so the syrup can soak into a treat. Serve the Gulab Jamun, both cold and hot. This traditional Indian dessert is usually served on holidays, which he gladly eaten under a roar of fireworks and music. Continue reading

The most expensive dishes in restaurants Kazan

Precious food: the most expensive dishes in restaurants Kazan

We are accustomed to look for “cheaper”, but this time – gap template. Do not skimp on yourself, because in Kazan is immodest to spend. Let us emulate same hero of the sketch “Monty Python” and choose, finally, the most expensive dishes and will “eat pineapples and hazel grouses chew”.

Piazza Fontana

Ribeye 1980 rubles

The rib eye is the meat with something akin to eve, as it is extracted from the rib section. For this dish suitable only what is in period from 6th to 12th rib of beef.

Bones, respectively, is removed, and the meat remains juicy and, at times, a small stone. Further, from this delicious slice and cook the steaks. In a good rib-eye steak is the most important degree of doneness (it should comply with strict cooking rules), which depends on the tastes of the guest institution. That is, it can be a well-done steak, and maybe “blood”, who he loves. Continue reading

National cuisine of Malta

In Malta, on Gozo island, seven long years languished crafty Odysseus is held captive by the nymph Calypso. It is impossible to say with any certainty what exactly she treated the hero. However, Maltese cuisine at all times been distinguished by the impeccable quality of the original products. Representatives of different peoples living at different times in Malta, was brought to the set of dishes of the archipelago is something special- it consisted of Maltese cuisine, which is one of the brightest representatives of Mediterranean cooking (in General, not so much sea separates peoples, how many of them connects). So over the millennia evolved the modern Maltese cuisine is an eclectic alloy of Mediterranean and Arabic traditions.

Very popular in Malta, vegetable dishes, cheese, fish and meat baked in pastry. Side dish of rice is widely used, and almost every second the Maltese prefers everything spaghetti, macaroni and other flour products of this kind.

Especially delicious dishes made from young cauliflower, baked in crispy pastry with sheep cheese and chicken eggs. This looks delicious fillet of chicken cooked with spinach, cauliflower and chestnuts.

Be sure to try a pumpkin pie: fresh pumpkin flesh is bright orange mixed in with the rice and fresh Basil. Very popular cakes with spinach and anchovies. Continue reading

Salad recipes for every day
Salad with mushrooms and corn Ingredients for salad: chicken fillet - 300 grams; mushrooms - 150-200 grams; onion - 1 piece; carrot - 1 piece; pickled cucumbers (gherkins) - 3…

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